Real Talk, For a Change

We’ve all heard of ‘Christianese’ but do we ever think about the damage it does not only to ourselves but our community? One writer analyses the epidemic and offers some solutions. Read more

By Tracey Michae'l Lewis-Giggetts 

The Roof is on Fire: Dismantling the Juvenile Justice System

A conversation With Nell Bernstein, journalist and author of Burning Down the House: The End of Juvenile Prison Read more


Black Christian Women Now: Where Do We Stand?

An introduction to a multimedia series exploring the intersection of faith and lived experience for black Christian women. Read more


7 Misconceptions About People Who Go to Seminary

There are many misconceptions about people who go to seminary and Bible schools, here are a few, explained and debunked. Read more


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Five Things We’ve Learned From Preachers of Detroit

Oxygen's latest offering in the Preachers franchise focuses on some of the influential pastors in the Motor City, here's what we've learned from them thus far. Read more

By Amber Travis 

The Next “God’s Not Dead”: A Christian “Crash”

Principal creators of hit Christian film aim for urban audiences with ensemble film scheduled for release this month. Read more


Preachers of Detroit’s Atypical White Pastor

Pastor Timothy Alden is not the first white pastor in the Oxygen Preachers franchise, but he is holding his own as one adopted and influenced by a black family in Detroit. Read more


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Urban Faith's Dr. Melvin BanksDaily Direction featuring Dr. Melvin Banks, is the two-minute daily radio program  based on the themes found in UMI's annual commentary Precepts for Living. To find a radio station near you that airs Daily Direction click here. Miss a Daily Direction? Click here to view all.

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