The Real Me

Black girl. African American. Nigger. I’ve heard it before. Oreo. White girl. That’s who people think I am...

But do you really know me?

Have you ever been told you’re too white or not black enough?

What a bout a “friend” saying, “if I burned your skin would you look like me?”

Well that was when we were little…

And sure she didn’t know better, But it still hurt

And why do half of my white friends act like I might beat them up>

It’s like if I give them a don’t mess with me look as a joke, they’re like, “oh my gosh, don’t hit me!” Are you kidding?

If you really knew me then you’d know that I had never fought anyone in my life

I don’t plan on it either.

Anyone who’s black has been through some sort of racism.

That’s just part of growing up.

And, unfortunately, that’s what other races think thanks to the media, or other

black people they may know.

But why?

All black people are NOT the same!

But we constantly get put into these annoying categories.

I was born and raised in the suburbs..

I go to school with a multitude of races.

I have all races of friends

So why am I the “white girl?”

I’m so tired of trying to explain myself as to why I have friends that don’t look like me

And what about family members?

Have they ever mocked you for the way you spoke?

Like pronunciation and being articulate is a bad thing?

Sometimes it’s hard going to places where you’re the only black face in the crowd.

People start staring, looking at you like you don’t belong.

I’m not trying to complain, I’m just letting you know.

That these are some of the things that I and many other black people are going through.

So open your eyes

And next time you meet a black person, try to get to know them before you put them into a stereotype.

And really, truly, get to know them.

Because you never know…

You must might like us

For who we are.

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  1. I am a christian, i do belive in Jesus Christ as my personal savor. I really dont have anything to hide , but i know God has been good to me. If it was not for his son Jesus Christ i dont know where i would be. I am still a young person that love to praise the Lord.