DeVon Franklin: The Center of Sony

Sony Pictures executive DeVon Franklin chats with UrbanFaith publisher Jeff Wright about finding success in Hollywood, and how he lives out his faith in the entertainment industry.

  1. I love the idea of praying in desperation from the bathroom stall of his office! I shared some links here, but I’d love to see this video available for embed from your YouTube channel.

  2. I needed this today…praise God for such an awesome witness what it means to give your career to God!

  3. Dear Pastor Devon Franklin,

    What a message I just heard on the Hour of Power! Your message of God rewriting our lives was an awesome message. It was very timely that I heard this encouraging message to help me through this difficult season as I sit next to my 89 yr old mother’s bedside who fell, fractured her neck, is now a quadriplegic, is totally bedridden and is in a care home in Honolulu, Hawaii.
    She has stopped eating and only takes a can of Ensure a day. God has rewritten Mom’s life, she became a Christian at age 84 after being a buddhist all her life.

    Thank you for your total commitment as a servant of God being a beacon of light in Hollywood, you are making a pivotal difference to make it Holywood instead of Hollywood. Keep up the excellent work for our Father in heaven!

    God bless you!

  4. Mr. Franklin,
    My wife and I watched Hour or Power this morning and we were very pleased to say that your message was just what we needed to hear and believe that there are many people who needed to hear it also. We are hoping you will bless the Hour of Power again and many more times in the future. I am sending your message to my son and want him to read it and absorb your message. I respect you as a man, an executive employee, a Preacher capable person and an influence.


    Edward W. Lohr