People of ‘Occupy Wall Street’

This brief documentary reveals what's really happening at the 'Occupy Wall Street' events.

Brought to you by Iva Radivojevic & Martyna Starosta. Radivojevic frequently explores sociology in her poignant works. Check out more here.

  1. The disparity between the wealthy and working class has always been problem since the inception of America (even the”forefathers” had to fight against it as pilgrims). The greed of the wealthy time after time gets to a point were it is unbarable and “the people” protest or “find their voice”. It works almost every time and things get better. That is until our short term memory kicks in and we allow the same groups of people who put us in these hard times in the first place to hold their positions. We allow “big businesses” to have the power that they have. In saying that, i think this wall street monster will be slowed down for a while, but after that, things will go on as usual. I still like the protesting going on now, but there has to be more.

  2. @ the okie doke,

    You have most certainly gone for the Okie Doke!