Can Madea Save Kim Kardashian?

By casting Kim Kardashian in his next film and then standing by her in the wake of her quick divorce, is Tyler Perry showing grace or good business sense?

CONTROVERSIAL CHOICE: Tyler Perry's decision to cast reality-TV personality Kim Kardashian became even more controversial after the starlet announced she was divorcing Kris Humphries, her husband of 72 days. (Photos: Newscom)

After a week of watching the fervent character assassination of Kim Kardashian in the comments section of his website, Tyler Perry recently turned the tables on his Christian fans asking why the reality star should be excluded from his latest film about faith, forgiveness and the healing power of God.

Though there had been some initial concern over Perry’s casting choice (due largely to Kardashian’s limited acting experience) the outrage over her role grew to epic proportions when it was announced that Kardashian was divorcing husband of 72-days, NBA player Kris Humphries, after a highly publicized and rumored to be profitable wedding. (Kim Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner recently denied the reality star made a multi-million dollar profit off of the televised nuptials.)

Within days of the divorce news, thousands had signed a petition pleading to have the Kardashian shows removed from the E! Network and disheartened fans of the Madea creator left angry comments expressing their disgust and disappointment over his inclusion of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star in the film. Currently, more than 100,000 people have signed the petition.

One Perry fan chided, “You now partner yourself with a woman who makes sex videos and takes the holy institution of marriage as a mere “performance” to acquire money and increased publicity. Truly, shame on your sir.” Another questioned Perry’s intentions for using Kim Kardashian, saying, “If you are looking for publicity, [and] using this as a stunt to promote your movie, by using this witch. I have lost what respect I have of you.”

Imploring fans to “hear him out,” Perry is now suggesting that fans consider the value of casting Kardashian. Reflecting on the moment he made the decision, he wrote on his website:

I thought, what better person! She literally has millions of young people following her. I thought and still do think, that it would be very responsible of her to be a part of this film. To have the young people that look up to her, see her in a film that is about, what happens in life when you make the wrong choices. Whether you’re aware of it or not, to be honest with you I wasn’t, millions of young people adore her and are following her every move.

And if not for the children’s sake, Kim Kardashian’s involvement in the The Marriage Counselor might simply be a transformative experience for her own life. Some commenters on Perry’s site are viewing things in an almost evangelistic light, taking a more optimistic defense of the filmmaker’s decision by pointing out that Kardashian’s role in the film could be the initial steps of spiritual healing in her life. “Good for you, Tyler for standing by your decision and not trying to play God,” one fan praised. “Kim has a road to walk with God and I am so thankful that you are not trying to stand in the middle of that. Being in your film will be planting seeds in her life and you will be doing His work!”

I’m not sure if her off-screen antics should now disqualify Kardashian from appearing in the film, but I sure wish Perry had made a stronger choice to begin with. Despite her popularity, perhaps he should have used this role to pump up a hardworking young actress who could use the limelight — maybe Joy Bryant or Tatyana Ali — instead of turning the spotlight on a woman who has more shine than she can sell.

What do you think? Is the questionable morality and limited acting experience of Kim Kardashian grounds for Perry to cut her from the film? Or do you agree that this could be the rich starlet’s chance at redemption?

The Marriage Counselor stars the young powerhouse actress Jurnee Smollet, as well as Vanessa Williams and Brandy Norwood.

About the author, Chanel Graham

Chanel Graham is a New York-based freelance writer and a pop culture editor for UrbanFaith. She is also the co-founder of I Kissed Dating Hello, an online community-driven site exploring the challenges and triumphs of Christian dating.
  1. “Performance Art Follows Performance Art.” -(And) The World, Society, Civilization (plus Civility, Structure and Good Manners ) Are Poorer For It.
    “Thank you Ms. Kardashian…and friends and family and fans therein….” -We could have done without all you’ve done for us…truly.

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  3. If redemption means exploiting your own disaster of a life, or someone else’s, then redeem away. I personally don’t think the general public should get an invitation to a stranger’s therapy session, even if that stranger is a celebrity. Call me old-fashioned, but the kind of healing she needs can only happen in private. How else can she avoid the possibility of having an ulterior motive? And how else can we as the general public avoid the possibility of having an ulterior motive? Unless her healing takes place in private, there’s always the chance she’s just in it for the paycheck, and there’s always the chance we’re just in it for the train wreck.

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  5. Tyler Perry is a respectable person due to the previous movies he established and the positive impact it had on many relationships. Now Mr Perry why will you consider to accept someone to film in your movie who got divorce in 72 days without seeking counselling and consulting her husband? I do not think that will have a positive reflection on you sir.. Think about it there is so many inspiring movie stars or even normal people that can have a better impact on people life. Kim is nothing close to a role model figure she is famous because she has a sex tape and sex appeal nothing worth living for.

  6. I am not even sure this is an honest conversation. Tyler Perry is trying to make money with his movies and tell a story.

    1. Perry has used less than talented actors before depending on your opinion. (Im not convinced that Janet jackson is a talented actress but thats my opinion.) This is a subjective statement because Hollywood does not have a rule for this. Some people are discovered in a cafe while some graduate from Harvard. Im not sure we can agree on this.

    2. Perry’s movies are slowly attracting a younger multiethnic audience. The move to KK seems logical to me.

    3. Since when does Hollywood have consistent morals. Folks may hold Perry to a higher level but Hollywood is looking at money.

    I wonder if this is an honest conversation because although Perry’s movies has a high degree of morality in them, do we really think that we can have this conversation without talking about money?

  7. Yeah, it’s Hollywood and people are trying to make money, but we have to keep in mind that people are getting divorces at high rates regardless if they are celebrities or not. I feel that he’s doing exactly what he should, giving someone a chance to fulfill a dream and showing people that it’s OK to forgive and continue living. Also, for the title of this article it should be changed around, because it’s not Tyler Perry that can save her, Jesus Christ can only do that and she will need to seek him on her own. To be personally honest, we are all sinners and if Jesus Christ can die for the world and Our Father can still love us and forgive us, so should we as Christians.

  8. I think when everyone realizes that Tyler Perry is a man on a mission, and that mission is to get paid, and if he can help someone along the way, that is a bonus, then the question of who he pays to promote and help sell his movies would not be. Truth is, yes, Perry is a Christian, and yes his movies are inspirational and spiritual, but Truth is also he is a Business man and he inspires for a paycheck! I am by no means trying to discredit Tyler Perry, I am a true fan (not a follower), but more importantly I am a woman of God, who believes that God saves, not Tyler Perry. So regardless of who he casts in his movies “for profit” should not determine his or their salvations, And if we as Christians are looking to the TV and movie screens for salvation, instead of God, we are in a very sad state!