1. Thanks for the interview. Politics and preachers have an interesting relationship. White evangelicalism warmly embraces Dr. Evans and it seems he’s more confortable with Republican politics even if he suggests some sort of distance from any particular party. Having your kids attend Falwell’s Liberty University suggests a strong degree of comfort with Right Wing politics.

    But I also have an issue with the title. It asks about “Christians” voting, but the Red, White, and Blue imagery suggests that we are only talking about AMERICAN Christians. Aren’t there Christians in other places? What about Palestinian Christians? How should they vote? What about Christians in countries that don’t have the same political system as the US. Are there really transcendent principles for “voting?” I am concerned that our view of Christianity often seems more nationalistic and culturally constrained than it may have been in the first century.

    • Dennis, I think you missed the point of the book. This book is specifically targeted to Christians in the U.S. Your questions about Christians voting in other countries are valid questions, but that would be a separate book.

      • I am trying to be positive, things I have taught my children about telling the truth at all cost. My concision, will not allow me to take part in this. What if I would have told the binder story , the can food, and the jeep story. What would your opinion of me be. It is the little things, not the big things that must be honest about.

  2. Thank you Dr. Tony Evans! You have stated my position as a Bible-believer perfectly when it comes to how we practice politics. I have advocated this position for years (since the mid 1990s). It is my position that the church should be like the Captain of the Hosts of the Lord in Joshua 5. When Joshua questioned him on whose side he was on, he said neither! He made it clear to Joshua that he represented God’s kingdom alone. It was not a question of what side he was on; the real question was who’s on the Lord’s side.

    The church represents the Kingdom of God just as the Captain of the Hosts of the Lord. But too many of us have chosen sides. Thank God for Dr. Evans!

    P.S. – We still have to realize though that even this position has its imperfections because human beings are involved. When Christ comes to establish His rule, then we’ll have government as God originally intended.

  3. What Dr. Evans says about Christians being like NFL referees is simple but so profound. I believe his perspective is consistent, biblical, and practical. With all due respect, I also think the slanting in the intro, regarding whether his veiws are a spiritualized endorsement of the GOP platform is a little unfair and misleading.

  4. I lhighly respect Dr. Evans and I love the tone and refreshing take of this interview, however, I take issue with him in the 2nd to last answer regarding the “Right” showing dishonor to the president. Had he said the “Christian Right” it would have been a fairer statement of his expectations. I also wonder how he addressed the same issue during the 8 years of the Bush presidency where there was the “Left” endless cawing, “Bush lied” and “Bush stole the election”, to name a few dishonorable attitudes toward that president. In this current administration it does seem that you cannot make statements against this president without being called out. Where was the calling out in the previous administration? Did Dr. Evans at that time make the same defense for a sitting president? Though I respect the office of the president and I pray for him as scripture calls me to do, if I don’t agree with his method of governance I will question it, just as I did in the Bush years when his administration was out of control.

  5. The interviewer sure asked some loaded questions, would either of you consider corporate welfare the billions of tax payer dollars given to Solyndra and other failed green energy boondoggles by President Obama. Or the fact that the owners of those failed companies that received billions of dollars also gave a ton of money to the Obama campaign to get him elected to get those taxpayer dollars…seem a little dishonest? But it has always puzzled me that any Cheistian could vote for,the most proabortion president in our history. He is the only then senator to vote against the infants born alive act which protetected infants that survived an abortion. he is also not against late term abortions. Pastor Evans speaks of justice….not much justice for the babies huh?

    • You just have hate in your heart. The questions were fair and challenging. Please tell us of the 10 year biondogle we spent in the middle east. What about farm subsidies, ethanol, oil, etc… All presidents have been in favor of these forms of handouts. Every president in modern history has provided quid pro quo favors for campaign donors; so what is the real reason for your discontempt for this president? Please stop trying to mask it with a religious veil.

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  7. I appreciate what Dr. Evans says here – although I think that pretending that there are really “conservative” Democrat options is a bit naive. Most Dems talk a conservative game to get elected then follow the lead of leftists like Pelosi or Reid or Obama. Christians who want to protect life, help the poor and preserve freedom are basically pushed toward the Republican Party – even though it isn’t perfect. So most of us vote Republican – because in this moment it is the only way for us to even attempt really helping those in poverty while also somehow getting a handle on a overgrown debt that will hurt our future. I think in years past there was more of a choice between two good options – not so these days. Personally I would vote for a Dem if I believed they represented my Christian values – but I have never found one on my ballot that met that qualification. Serving those in need, proudly defending America, keeping the government out of religious matters – these key issues take us all right back to the Republican Party – particularly the more conservative voices in that party. I hope someday it is different, where we Christians have multiple options on the ballot that we could vote for in good conscience. For now, there’s one choice. GOP.

    • I very much agree with AmericanLight. As I have grown as a Christian, I have become more aware of my duty as a citizen. Christians must vote their values, I believe we will give an account one day on the choices we made in life. How vital it is that we don’t vote a certain way because we feel it will help us financially, there is definitely more at stake. God is my provider and I look to him to take care of me and my family. The Bible tells us to speak evil of no man, so rather than bash anyone, I pray for whoever the Lord allows to take office but I also need to do my part and vote my values.

      • Lucy Brown – My vote is hands down for my favorite coulpe of the year, Ron and Casey Castillo. Great wedding and extraordinary pictures. You outdid yourself. #10LucyLu

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  9. Dear sir,
    The reason for this letter is concerning your broadcast on 03/05/13 around 13:00 on station 89.1 in the Mississippi area on the symbolism or understanding the cross. And I hate to break it to you, but there’s no symbolism in the cross. The act of Jesus dying on one for us, yes. Understanding why He died for us, yes, but not the cross itself. For centuries, even before Jesus, crucifixions were used for public humiliation, torture and executions. To say we need to understand the cross, would be the same as understanding the bullet that killed JFK, the noose that hung Billy the Kid or the axe that beheaded Queen Elizabeth, they’re all just tools of executions….
    But these are just my opinions, I could be wrong…..