Creflo Dollar’s Bad Father’s Day

We may never know the full story in the Dollar family drama. But, in general, one thing’s certain: regardless of the circumstances, a man who raises his hand to his teenage daughter is weak.

TOUGH LOVE?: Pastor Creflo Dollar's mug shot from his arrest on Friday, June 8.

This is not the type of story I was expecting to read just before Father’s Day.

According to news reports, Atlanta-area megachurch preacher Creflo Dollar was arrested for allegedly assaulting his 15-year-old daughter. The two were arguing over the daughter attending a party. According to the Fayette County police report, the argument turned physical when the preached clutched his daughter’s throat, slammed her down, punched her, and beat her with his shoe. His 19-year-old daughter corroborated the story, police said. Dollar was arrested on charges of simple battery, family violence, and child cruelty. He was released on $5,000 bond.

Being a father of a 19-year-old daughter, I have an idea of how this went down:

Dollar: Look young lady, no God-fearing daughter of mine has any business being out there “droppin’ it like it’s hot” like some video chick on BET, or worse.

Daughter: Oh, so you calling me a ho now, Daddy? You worried about me or your preacher reputation? I’m grown. I can do what I want to do. You don’t own me.

Dollar: Little girl, I brought you in this world and in the name of Jesus, I’ll take you out.

Daughter: To hell you will!

Dollar: No you didn’t! I’ll kick your …

And that’s about where the similarities end for me. Raising my hands to my daughter or to my wife is out of the question. My older sons? Well, they’re different cases. But not my only daughter who (technically) is no longer my “baby girl,” even though she’ll always be just that.

As a father, rearing a daughter is more than a notion. Especially if you know what’s out there awaiting them because of your own pre-Jesus experience running “the game” in the streets. We dedicated fathers worry about dogs … I mean, young men — many of whom do not have their fathers around to train them. We worry they’ll disrespect our daughter or outright abuse her. We have thoughts of willingly doing prison time after tracking down some punk who harmed our precious girl.

We remember the “sweet talk and conquer” mentality we had as teens and twenty-somethings and wonder if our daughter will reap what we sewed. Combine this with that neck-jerking, eye-cutting nasty attitude that often comes with the terrible teen years, as a parent you sometimes don’t know whether to pray or pull your hair because of your daughter. It’s a blessing if teens like Dollar’s daughter truly understand this.

My daughter and I have gotten into it particularly over some of her choices in skirts. I don’t like seeing her legs the way I like looking at her mother’s thighs. We also get into it because we’re stubborn debaters. We enjoy frequent rounds of verbal handball. But to get so out of control that I clutch her throat, slam her down and ball my fist? No. That’s not fatherly strength; it’s the ultimate sign of male weakness.

CELEBRITY REV: As an author, TV personality, and pastor of World Changers Church International in College Park, Georgia, Creflo Dollar gained an international following.

My daughter got spanked on the butt when she was a little girl, but I didn’t hit her when she was a 15-year-old hormone terror. You can bet your bottom dollar that I would never sink so low.

The police report for the Dollar family incident says Pastor Dollar told authorities that he tried to restrain his daughter when she “became very disrespectful” after he told her she couldn’t go to the party. Dollar admitted to spanking his daughter and wrestling her to the floor, but said it was because she hit him.

In these types of domestic cases, it’s always unwise to leap to conclusions. There are always more sides to the initial story. The truth of what happened in the Dollar household will eventually seep to the light, regardless of how the preacher will try to keep things shrouded.

Dollar later released a statement through his lawyer saying, “As a father I love my children and I always have their best interest at heart at all times, and I would never use my hand to ever cause bodily harm to my children. The facts in this case will be handled privately to further protect my children. My family thanks you for your prayers and continued support.”

You certainly have my prayers for your entire family, brother. But my respect for you as a man and a father?

If the police report is true, you’re too weak for that.

About the author, Wil LaVeist

Wil LaVeist is an award-winning journalist, professional speaker, and author of Fired Up: 4 Steps to Overcoming a Crisis, Including Unemployment. Contact him at, and listen to The Wil LaVeist Show Wednesdays at Noon to 1 p.m. on 88.1 WHOV in Hampton, Virginia.
  1. Proverbs 13:24 tells us, “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.” According to your article, you seem to interpret this as literally referring to a Dad and his boy, instead of a parent and his or her children. And I am shocked at the politically correct position Urban Faith has taken on this matter. “Bad Parent Award”? “Bad Father’s Day”? These are simply attention-getting headlines that fall very short of reflecting God’s Word and authority on such matters.

    This country, in its zeal to move away from corporal punishment and to protect the children of abusers, has made it reprehensible to issue any physical punishment, regardless of the circumstances. Might I add, this is the same country that is zealously pursuing same sex marriage: God’s law is becoming more and more at odds with man’s law in America.

    You are correct. We will never know what happened in the Dollar household, but I think your imagined conversation between the 15-year-old and her father is very convenient and paints the daughter as a strong-willed, perhaps stubborn, but reasonable young lady. Pastor Dollar in your example is a lunatic. As the mom of 4 beautiful children, I will admit that my kids sometimes drive me crazy, but any physical punishment that has been meted out has been at a level that met the circumstance. My heart goes out to an otherwise good dad—we have no evidence of the contrary—who was driven to extreme lengths because of a child’s actions. I’m sure the daughter’s “disrespect” was more than “You don’t own me” or “To hell you will!” Her responses may have been more R rated than what you’d be able to print on

    I’m very disappointed that UF buys into this new American Way, whose values are based on what Man thinks is best, instead of God’s authority.

    • aharris: This commentary is my opinion, not the opinion of UF. The report says Pastor Dollar choked his daughter and punched her. As a woman of God, I’m surprised you would be ok with that. Please quote in scripture where Jesus would recommend a father choke and punch his 15-year-old daughter. What message does this send to this 15-year-old that will prep her for her own possible marriage family? I think my commentary is pretty clear that as a man, I would deal with my sons differently. So, since you are a woman and mom, I would expect you to be the one to do any of the choking or punching that a daughter might deserve. Yes, a man should protect himself and restrain a female if necessary. Yes, we should correct our children. But the police report describes a situation that went beyond godly correction. It’s also sad (but not surprising) and revealing that the daughter felt such disrespect toward Pastor Dollar that she hit him in the first place.

      • So, since you are a woman and mom, I would expect you to be the one to do any of the choking or punching that a daughter might deserve.
        – please tell me this is sarcasm?
        If not describe a situation where a daughter might deserve the choking and punching of her mother. Defense you say? False! Only animals fight their kin to defend themselves. Situations that require mothers and fathers to choke and punch their daughters and sons (respectively, of course. Right?) cannot happen in a home where there is mutual respect between parties. This kind of mentality does not spring up over night and if there is a family that regularly operates like this to resolve their children’s “disobedience”, I would be hard-pressed to call these parents Christ-like.

      • Wil. The police report was based on the 15th year olds statement to the police. They were not there so it is possible for the daughter to lie. The 19 year old daughter lied and states she lied based on the presence of her parents. So which statement should we believe? I disagree with you that Creflo is weak. Any parent that fails to discipline that child regardless of gender is weak. Everything that people do has it’s beginning at home. There would be no prisons if people always did the right thing, but unfortunately, the prisons are full. In the prison system inmates are physically corrected often by the guards and other inmates. No one is saying anything about that. If Creflo decided that she could no longer live with the family, then she would end up in the juvenile system with no say so regarding the State of Georgia care; and God forbid if she rises up on one of the guards or counselors there. The big beat down would be implemented and she would be begging for mommy & daddy. Next, I was spanked and remember a few of them to this day. I thank God for my parents and now that I am a parent, I often question how they were able to parent as effectively as they did. Concerning a lack of respect in that house as you mentioned above, is unfounded. The minor child was trying to get out of the house and did not agree with the parent’s decision. I believe Creflo and Taffi Dollar are loving parents and will not allow their children to run amuck. Based on an article I read she hit her dad. He obviously did not have her in a position where she was unable to get free. When she finally realized that she was not actually going to the dance, 911 was called based on hurt feelings not a hurt behind. After listening to the call, I noticed she was very calm. The scratch on her neck could have been caused by her trying to remove his hands. The Police based their decision to arrest Creflo on that and that only. It appears that it is time to cut off the credit cards, and ground her until she comes to her senses. Again, Creflo is a good father and I pray for his strength at this time. I pray that if she continues to spiral that he renders tough love and put her out since she does not feel safe in the Dollar’s house. Seems like she has benefited from a good drama class because she laid it on thick for the 911 operator that night. Finally, you wanted scripture regarding “sparing the rod”, well here you go: Proverbs 22:15, 23:13-14, 6:23, 29:15, 13:24, Hebrews 12:5-11, Deuteronomy 21:18-21……According to you the Dollar incident went beyond Godly correction; I say to you that you are not knowledgeable of the bible or the circumstances surrounding this matter.

        • Deirdrea Laster: You might consider reading the commentary carefully again because somehow you missed some things. Also, you did not provide a scripture that says it is ok to choke, punch and slam your child down. If that is what Pastor Dollar did, that is what I and many others, particularly parents who have been in similar situations with their teens, take issue with.

    • I agree with you aharris. Also, Creflo’s daughter for all we know, because of her rebellious attitude,”may have lied” about what really happened to get even with her father. Children today are raised by the media, that teaches them all about rebellion against their parents. Until the writer of this article goes and gets the facts from the horses mouth, he needs to keep his comments to himself.

  2. Thank you for this article! I have found myself growing sick from some of the reactions to this story. If the story is true, this is the sign of a weak man.
    The verse to spare the rod is misused, as most Biblical verses tend to be
    A rod does more than just hit: it guides the flock together, it can lead them forward, and if one in the flock gets lost the hooked end can be used to rein them back in (which isn’t the same as choking fyi). How often do you see a shepherd actually using the rod to beat his flock? And regardless, even if it was “discipline” choking, slamming someone down and punching sounds more like a street fight that parenting.

    So again, thank you for calling this man out.

  3. I think you’re being a hypocrite. Just because a man is having a family situation and he lost hs temper doesnt make him less of man. I’m sure if I ask your wife or family they’ll tell me youve messed up a few times. Even if you haven’t and you’ve been perfect you cannot use this platform to judge a man especially if u were not at their house. I’m not condoning the act, but stop judging a man who has probably done more good than bad 4 his family

    • Eric: definition of hypocrite: “a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.”
      I respect your opinion, but like I clearly wrote, my daughter and I have certainly had it out and we’ve had our differences, especially when she was a high school teen going through her changes. However, I have not and would not choke, punch or slam my daughter down. A man who cannot control himself in such a situation and who exerts physical power over a 15-year-old girl in this way is weak. It is this type of character that is capable of beating a woman and telling her that he loves her and that the beating is for her own good. There are many women with black eyes and missing teeth who are suffering in the homes of men who beat on them and justify it. I would not beat on my daughter because I do not want her to ever think that her husband beating on her is acceptable or normal. Unfortunately, it’s well documented that many men of the cloth have been abusers. As I clearly wrote in the commentary, IF the police report is correct that this is what Pastor Dollar did, then he’s weak — period. IF it is NOT true then the truth should come out, and hopefully be used as teaching moment that helps other families to cope with similar situations. A man (and he is just a man, NOT an idol to be blindly followed) in his leadership position should not hide behind “privacy” but use this vulnerable moment to help others heal and do better.

  4. Thank you Pastor Creflo Dollar for being a “real” father. I stand behind you 100%. And Happy Father’s Day to you.

    “A weak man” you say!!!! Then you are either a brainwashed man or need publicity sir… I could go further but it would then open the door for discussions in other arenas. And if you are so concerned move her in with you’!!!!!!

    • She is a young lady, he should have better self control.. He has 30,000 people under control through his conversation, he can’t muster up some persuasive conversation for a 15-year old..God is trying to tell him something…I am thinking about the preservation of the relationship with the father and daughter and for her not to become bitter and hate men…He said no, his no meant no, why did he have to be upset because she was crying and didn’t want to talk about it…

  5. You may think you’re a good father, but your judgement and sly accusation doesn’t reflect the Father’s Heart. Try and be like Him if you’re going to be representing on The world has way too much self-righteousness. You don’t know the full extent of what happened. So why are you still talking? You can call him weak. I can say you lack love just as much. Do God a favor. Pray and be quiet. If you want to write something USEFUL-write about discipline from His perspective without making accusation. Be helpful. Not hurtful. Figure out which father you really work for.

  6. It is sad enough that “Reverand” Dollar has been teaching a false gospel for years and leading many away from Christ and toward their own self fulfillment (and his material prosperity), but it is more shameful that people want to continue to defend him even in this case.

    If (and we don’t know yet, although his orginal statements seem to admit that he did) Mr. Dollar choked and punched his daughter, then that is assault and child abuse. There are no excuses. She should not have been disrespectful. Her actions are unjustified as well (although not illegal).

    I just can’t understand how people would support proper physical discipline of a child to mean choking and punching. That is not discipline, that is a crime. To defend it and the person gives Biblical correction and instruction a black eye.

    Thank you Wil for seeking to draw that distinction.

    • Agree, where was his self control? Fruit of the spirit (children honor your fathers, (she did) father’s don’t provoke your chidden to wrath (he did) ..He let a 15-year old take him there!!!!…All my dad had to do was look at me…He also bent her over and spanked her…I was horrified.. I know what you mean by letting a mom take care of that situation…It is a bad precedent to set…She will grow up with, my dad beat me, so it is okay for a man to beat me! Father’s don’t provoke your children to wrath…the police report said she had left and calmed down and he got upset when he asked her why she was crying and she said she didn’t want to talk about it…It was a control thing…Did the punishment fit the crime? She only retaliated when he choked her, it is a natural instinct to fight back…

    • Wow… I’ve watched Creflo over the years and have been inspired by his teachings. Their uplifting and wonderful. In regards to his teachings on prosperity, I think he’s glorious to make this his life’s work. It is in my opinion a great gift to humanity. For too long we’ve been misguided in our faith in God. This is an abundant Universe, rich, and everlasting..It is true and good to teach the world Prosperity. How can you help the world if you have nothing to give? God bless you and your family Creflo and this too shall pass. Creflo Dollar has not shown himself to have a history of this. He has shown himself to be a Great Person several times over. I believe This was a private matter between him and his teenage daughter that got out of control and God bless you , your daughter, and all of your family that this will be quickly resolved and that all of you will continue to grow and unfold into the greatness that you’ve always been and that you are.

  7. This is truly a shame. No one should even attempt to defend this man if in fact that is what he did. there is a big difference between discipline and abuse. That is plain old abuse. If he was her boyfriend and not her father would you still take the same stance? The black community has always been heavy handed with punishment from slavery days but you people need to wake up and realize that it is no longer acceptable and does not go hand in hand with good Christian values.

    • If the Black community have been heavy handed from slavery that means that Whites have been using harsh punishment in their community from the beginning? If you do not train your children in the way they should go, then the big bad State is out there waiting to imprison them. They will cross the line at some point. There is a saying, build the prison and they shall come. Corporal punishment does not sit well with some kids and others are thankful for the correction. Some people feel spanking or have you, a whipping, is the worse thing in life. For instance Michael Jackson, God Bless his soul, was the only one that complained about his dad’s discipline. The other children turned out just fine and support their dad to this day. None of the Jackson children were jailed or committed any crime that we know of. Some kids are exposed to other children where their parents have failedt o set boundaries and think they can imitate their behavior. Not in the Dollar household obviously. Creflo and Taffi could have very well told the police that night to take their daughter away and she would be in juvenile detention or a foster family presently. They decided to handle it as a family and she is at home. It she continues to rebell I think she should be removed from the home until she is ready to follow rules. Why on earth would any parent reward their children’s bad grades by allowing them to go out period let alone, late at night. Bad grades, talking back, and other rebellious acts is not acceptable in every household. Personally I believe most people can care less what happened to his daughter, and just want to put down another pastor in God’s Kingdom. If she ended up going to the very prison mentioned above you would blame the parents by questioning what morals they did or did not teach. I support Creflo and any parent that still instructs their children in this wicked world.

      • very welll said.

  8. In this last year or so I have found that I live in a world where a rapper/singer beats his girlfriend and this is approved by his peers, while a religious father beats his disrespectful daughter and this is condemned by his peers. Just wanted to pass on a little personal experience…

    When my nephew was about 4, my sister spanked him in the mall. A woman chastised my sister saying, “You shouldn’t hit him!” My sister said, “Would you rather ME hit HIM now, or HIM hit YOU over the head for your purse in 10 years?” That was the end of that!

    Reading through some of the comments, I wanted to add that I have also had many issues over the years with Pastor Dollar’s doctrine and interpretation of Scripture—and I for one am no fan of his televangelism. And I do agree that punching and beating his daughter with a shoe sounds pretty extreme—and for those with a history of abuse in their families, this may conjure up some pretty horrible memories.

    I grew up in the inner city in the ‘70s. My mom spanked us (and even my dad when the offense called for the literal “heavy hitter”), and I’ve found that for many of those like me who were raised with non-abusive physical punishment, spanking is an acceptable and non-controversial form of punishment. However, I went to college with a couple of young ladies whose parents were of the “I would never lay a hand on my child!” mindset. Yet I would NEVER trade my temporarily sore bottom for some of the emotional and psychological scars these women carry with them today.

  9. You know, sometimes in family life, especially with teenagers, their flip mouth and ungrateful behavior, will make you want to slap them, grab them by their neck and throw them to the ground. Lord knows I have been their with my teenagers. And this is coming from a situation where violence is not a part of everyday life, but love is. However teenage transitioning into young adult hood can be tough on us parents. This young women is fifteen and so she is at an age where she wants her opinions to be heard and she wants to do what she wants to do. This is a part of our human nature. We all do what we want to do in the end. Teenagers have the challenge of coming from following Mom and Dad’s every word as an adolescent, to their natural human growth of wanting to do what they want to do and our learned mental conditioning from our parents have taught us through our own experiences, “You don’t pay no bills so your opinion doesn’t matter and if you disobey me, I am going to deal with you because you are my child”. The problem here is that, they don’t belong to us, all of us are manifistations of God, and eventually that desire to do what they want will win as they continue to grow because it is a process of creativity and the creative spirit in all of humanity. If not for this trait of ” doing what I want to do ” that we all share, we would not have any of the creations that we have in abundance in our everyday life today on our planet . The problem here and not just with Creflo, who is I’m sure a wonderful Father and husband, who just had a rough night with the teenagers like many of us have had, that spun out of control..the problem is understanding our old mental conditioning. Our conditioned beliefs of how to raise our children, and learning to accept that they are not ours to control but individual Divine Spirits with great minds in development, under our guidance for now. We must find that balance and not try to control an eternal force, that will never be controlled.

    • Melissa. I read and hear in the news about missing children mostly young girls, daily at an alarming rate. The Nancy Grace Show can not feature them all in one episode. Your so called “divine spirits” are found dead quite often while they are out trying “to do what they want to do.” Examples: Leaving a friends house riding a bike at 3:00am never to be found (New Orleans). Young girl leaves friend’s apartment walking in the we hours of the morning after drinking and partying, never to be found (Bloomington, IN). Teenage girl visiting her half sister in college last seen sleeping on couch missing(Baltimore, MD) body found a year later in sewer outlet. All parents pleading for information from the public to no avail. One final note: Creflo and Taffi know where their children are because boundaries have been set and an expectation to comply.

      • I say Divine Spirits because all beings are, because we are manifestations/creations of God, Universe, the Absolute, or whatever resonates with your being. There are unfortunate events happening in the lives of all age groups world wide, but there are also wonderful things happening to all age groups world wide. We can point out all day long things that teenagers do that we do not find acceptable, it still does not stop the fact that they are ever growing and will eventually do what they want to do. And again I say, this is not a bad thing. How we Parents react to it can turn it into a lesson of growth in their lives or can turn it into a rebellious teenager that leaves home and do all of the things and more that you described above. I beleive Creflo and Taffi are probaly better examples and parents than a lot of us, this is not judgement of his actions in any way, but a comment to a problem that is much larger than the Dollar household when it comes to Parents, Teenagers, and whose in control of their life. It certainly was an issue in my household. After arguing, physical hits on my part being passed to my teenagers, because I was determined that they would do what I wanted them to do because I am the parent with no compromise what so ever. There natural determination along with their growth to “do what they want to do” kept showing up , what I considered disrespect, coming from my children actually were two growing future adults with their own views and opinions about their life and their choices unfolding before me. Now of course as their parent I am going to guide and advise as positively and constructively as I can, but if I wanted to end this tug of war with my teenagers aka Growing Adults, I had to find that balance or they too would have ran away from home and be at risk as so many other teenagers have of the guidance and influence of others that do not have their best interest at heart

  10. My prayers and love go out to the Dollar family. May your faith strengthen you all and bring peace and love that surpasses understanding to your family. Many blessings to you

  11. Is it not odd that the author who says he has no respect for a man who hits his daughter engaged in verbal assault of the girl through an imaginary conversation using “ho” in that dialogue with her dad? Was that dialogue even necessary? It cheapened the commentary in an attempt to obtain a cheap laugh. It also disrespected the 15-year-old. Not funny, not honorable nor expected from a faith publication or exemplary of an African-American writer talking about the right thing to do.

  12. This may have been something out of character for the Pastor, let’s hope so. Even if that’s the case, it cannot be dismissed, He could have easily turned this into a teachable moment for his Church, we are all human and all fail at times, but instead he denies it. His older daughter substantiated the entire story to the police, don’t forget, when not in the same room as her parents. That in itself is troubling. She is afraid to speak the truth in front of her father? Seems he may have a history of violence, otherwise, why would she hesitate? Just sad all the way around.

    • I’ve learned over the years not to believe everything I read. To question everything. Majority of the times the story you read in these articles are so far from what originally happened…that by the time it gets to the reader it has been embellished for the purposes of an entertaining article at the cost and reputation of the people originally involved. I’m not going to be so quick to throw stones, none of us will never know what really occurred. God bless the Dollar family.

      • Again well said Melissa. I will go further and say I don’t want to know what happened because it is none of my business. This type of domestic incident happens everyday in this country and is no different. May God look over these families and give them strength to continue onward. It happens in the best of families. I too pray for the Dollar family whose personal problems have been paraded through the media. Rests assure it will be someone else tomorrow.

  13. “I want you all to hear personally from me that all is well in the Dollar house hold, The truth is that a family conversation with our youngest daughter got emotional,” he said. “And emotions got involved and things escalated from there.”

    He said the mark on his daughter’s neck had been there for about 10 years and was caused by a skin condition, eczema.

    “The truth is she was not choked, she was not punched. There were not any scratches on her neck,” Dollar said. “But the only thing on her neck was a prior skin abrasion from eczema. Anything else is exaggeration and sensationalism.” Creflo Dollar stated to his congregation today.

    Dollar’s congregation appeared supportive Sunday, giving him sustained applause as he took the stage.

  14. Have you ever heard of a teenager lying? I have because I was a rebellious teen age girl. Yes I was raised in church so please don’t go blaming my parents. And don’t blame hormones. I knew exactly what I was up to. My father went so far as to come drag me out of places I had no business being. 40 years later I am glad he did. 10 minutes in the wrong place at the wrong time can change your destiny forever. If what the daughter says is true there would be physical evidence. Allegedly she was thrown over the table and punched blah blah. I truly hope her mama whips her little butt for lying like she obviously is. Enough iof this new school psychology. Parental discipline is not child abuse. Perhaps if more parents took Doctor Dollar’s approach we would have fewer black men wearing “prison pants” and fewer young ladies thinking “my baby daddy” is a job description. stop trying to be your child’s best friend and raise them up instead. I am gld my Father loved me enough to be a Father. The bible does say fathers do not provoke your children. It also says children obey your parents. When daddy says no, case closed.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. Wil does not share our view, and that’s okay. He appears to be caught up on the punching, choking and thrown to the ground accusation. I just read in the Atlanta Journal Constiution that a daughter stabbed her mother to death in their home after a judge ordered her eviction from the home. The 24 year old requested money from her mother afterwards and assaulted mom when she said no with a (wait for it) kitchen knife. I guess it is okay for children to assault parents when they can’t get their way, but parents must not use corporal punishment. In the old days it would not take a judge to order you out, just the mention of a Smith & Wesson. The world is changing but not for the better. My sincere condolences go out to the Adu family at this tragic time.

  15. Thank you, Wil, for your commentary on this matter. I agree with and respect your views, as I have a 2-year-old daughter, and I explained to my wife this very sentiment before we even had children. I refuse to physically discipline my daughter, because as the first man she has a relationship with, the actions that I take with her will be precedent for what she will expect from men as she grows up.

    I think that it is a tragic commentary to see people blinded by these “celebrity” preachers–or preachers in general–and therefore are willing to defend the brute actions that are alleged in this case, simply because they have like what he has to say from the pulpit. Likewise, people are willing to blindly accept his word as truth, simply because he is their favorite preacher.

    Where is our sense of discernment? Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, and any other ministers are human beings–not GOD! Therefore, he should not be put on a pedestal as such and excused for his actions. If he indeed committed this act.

    I believe that the Black community, at large, still carries a great deal of baggage as far as slavery is concerned. The emotionally-charged rants that are lodged toward you simply for rejecting this type of violence, particularly toward our children, is quite frankly disturbing, and is far from what “the Word” teaches in terms of exercising self control and exhibiting Godly or Christ-like behavior in our conduct.

  16. I was hurt by the news that Creflo Dollar was arrested.Prayers need to be going up instead of fault finding. He is human first and maybe, he did lose it because of the love he has for his child and the fear of her becoming like the world when he himself has tried to maintain a Christian household.Sometimes we as Christians need to stop and pray first for people especially when we don’t know all of the facts involved.The devil has stepped up his game against our youth and they are being challenged like never before. The bible does speak about the disrespect of children towards their parents in the last days. Whether or not he lost control or not, he still needs prayers lifted up and I am sure if he had the opportunity again he would have handled the situation differently. I do not see him as a weak man and I believe God will minister what needs to be ministered to him.Remember God doesn’t judge us the way people do and He is always looking at the heart of a man.Remember we have all fallen short of the glory of God and He has and continues to show us mercy. Matthews 7:1-5. This scripture starts out saying “Judge not, that ye be not judged” …… ‘……

  17. This wicked evil child should have been charged and put in an Institution along with her sister. She was not the least bit upset on the 911 call. This alone is why she should have been charged for making a prank call and risking someones life. She has wonderful parents and I hope she never has a days happiness for the rest of her life along with her sister.

  18. The Bible says that “touch not my anointed…and cause my people the prophets no harm…”

    So, what the set man of God did – guess what it was at his house at the security of his privacy and was not and will never be up for public speculation. Ask Ham (Son of Noah) for some advice…