If Obama Wins, If Romney Wins …

What can we expect if President Barack Obama is re-elected? What if Mitt Romney triumphs? Our panel of scholars prognosticates.

AND IT COMES TO THIS: After a long, acrimonious presidential campaign, on Tuesday, Nov. 6, American voters will decide whether Barack Obama earned another four years in the White House, or whether Mitt Romney gets a chance to lead the nation. (Photo: Newscom)

During a seemingly endless 2012 election season, at times we’ve felt like the “Bronco Bama” girl in this viral video. When will it end? Presumably, on Tuesday — we hope.

Until then, we’ll continue to endure the attack ads, the conflicting polls, and the toxic bickering in the social media realm. According to various surveys, this year’s electorate is one of the most polarized in years. This forum will not solve that problem, but we thought we’d invite a few UrbanFaith contributors to share their perspectives on what to expect if President Obama is re-elected, as well as what to expect if Mitt Romney should win the presidency. Check out their opinions (which, we should say, belong to them and not necessarily UrbanFaith), then take a moment to give us your response in the comments section below.

Short Memories, Shorter Patience

By William Pannell

Ah, another opportunity to play at being sagacious. If Mr. Obama is re-elected, I would expect that he will face another four years of deadlock on key issues. Since Congress seems stuck on ideology and not the good of the people, I would expect the Republican Party, now in the firm grip of Tea Party ideologues, will continue to play games all the while having no real alternatives to offer in place of the ones they oppose. And of course, Obama will be a lame duck President in the last two years anyhow, so there goes the neighborhood.

I suspect that Mr. Romney will be elected. White, working-class Americans have very short memories. They have already forgotten that it was Romney’s party that got the country in the mess it is in. And we Americans are terribly short on patience, so if the poor man couldn’t solve real problems (which by their nature are now global problems) in four years, throw him out. Mercy, I hope I’m wrong. But I also suspect that white Americans, or many of them, have never felt comfortable with a black man in the White House. They, of course, are not racists; they are merely pro-white and Romney is all that. By the way, I voted for Mr. Romney’s father when he was governor of Michigan. He probably would have made a good President.

Dr. William E. Pannell is Special Assistant to the President and Senior Professor of Preaching at Fuller Theological Seminary. In the past he has served as a professor of evangelism and as director of the African American Studies Program. He’s the author of numerous articles and books, including The Coming Race Wars? A Cry for Reconciliation (1993), Evangelism from the Bottom Up (1992), and My Friend, the Enemy (1968).

A Turning Point for the Poor

By Walter A. McCray

President Obama’s re-election will renew the now undercurrent spirit of genuine concern for the poor. The civic emphasis will shift from the middle-class to reveal the President’s implicit and visceral aim to center the country’s energies and resources toward those in America who need help the most. We will see a resurgence of the middle-class, not as an end in itself, but as the primary avenue toward uplifting the masses of the country’s poor. The President will challenge the rich and the middle-class to open their hearts to make room for those people who find themselves locked out, left behind, and languishing in economic and social sectors. President Obama’s re-election will lift the spirit of the poor across the country. They will greatly benefit from the good news of his return to the leadership of the country and the free world, and from the significant changes that his policies engender for the lives of millions across a wide socio-economic spectrum.

An election of Mitt Romney to the nation’s highest elected office will cause a rise in social unrest in urban areas across the country, and growing acts of terrorism aimed at the U.S. in the world. Simply, millions will release their pent-up anger and frustrations. Many disillusioned souls will act-out their sense of hopelessness, and their angst against a prejudiced and racist America who once again failed to do the moral and political right thing. African Americans will entrench and push back in their activism. A refreshing commitment of the masses to the historic struggles of African-descended people will refocus on the self-determination and empowerment of black people and communities. In reaction to the military-type solutions of Romney for resolving national conflicts on the world front, a radical Islam will thrust itself to the forefront and make as many terror-laden statements as possible. World de-stabilization will grow.

Finally, whomever the country elects as President, the current Christian theological debate will focus on the true meaning or workability of what is genuine “Evangelicalism.” The 2012 electoral politics will thrust into the forefront of the discussion those who are “Evangelicals” of African-descent. The historical and cultural context of believers and churches in the black experience — in both the U.S. and the African Diaspora — will give rise to the most potent definition of historic and genuinely contextualized Christ-centered orthodox or “Evangelical” faith, and to true expressions of its social, economic, and political way of life. Jesus the Gospelizer — the bearer of Good News for the poor — will center this authentic definition. Electoral politics in the U.S. will be the impetus for Black Evangelicalism to come of age and offer leadership in these theologically troubling times.

Rev. Dr. Walter A. McCray is a Chicago-based writer, a leader in Black evangelicalism, and president of the National Black Evangelical Association. His latest book is Pro-Black, Pro-Christ, Pro-Cross: African-descended Evangelical Identity (Black Light Fellowship, 2012). He defines Black Evangelical identity along cultural and theological lines. His statement above reflects his personal views.

Education Is the Key

By Valerie Elverton Dixon

I believe that President Obama will be re-elected. I believe that he will follow through on his plan to strengthen public education and to open doors of opportunity for more people to have access to higher education and/or job training. When I was a girl, I was taught: “Education is the key.” In my life, that has proved to be true.

Education is the key, not only to a good job, but also to self-knowledge. Education is the key to human moral evolution and to human freedom. I think that President Obama will continue to encourage schools to experiment with curriculum, different pedagogical models and teacher and parental training that will inspire students to love learning. Once students understand that the ultimate subject of their education is their own lives, their own questions, their own striving to identify and to perfect the unique gift they have to give to the world, they will have a made up mind to study. And nothing is more powerful in any field of endeavor than a made up mind.

I expect President Obama to keep his promise to rebuild America. He has said that he will use half the savings from the wars we are no longer fighting to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, including building schools. I hope that he will expand this to enter into public/ private partnerships to rebuild the waste cities, towns and villages in America. This can provide jobs and be the opportunity to exercise an ethics of aesthetics that will make communities beautiful.

If Mitt Romney is elected president, it is hard to know exactly what he will do since he is very often on all sides of all issues. However, I think we can count on him to appoint right-wing Supreme Court justices, to put public education on a glide-path to privatization, and cut taxes for the rich, leaving nothing for community revitalization.

So, I am hopeful that President Obama will win because, in my opinion, this will be the best thing for the nation and for the world.

Valerie Elverton Dixon, Ph.D. is an independent scholar and founder of JustPeaceTheory.com. She is a regular contributor to God’s Politics, The Washington Post On Faith, and Tikkun Daily. Her forthcoming book is Just Peace Theory Book One: Spiritual Morality, Radical Love and the Public Conversation.

The Rise of Jim Crow Jr.

By Randy Woodley

Since the election of President Barack Obama, we have seen a new wave of racism rise across our nation. The kind of racism expressed over the past four years is different than the more overt, socialized Jim Crow era racism. Today, it is unpopular to be called a racist so racism has become more polite, being couched in political jargon, “dog whistles,” voter suppression and public policy aimed at the least of these in society. Meet Jim Crow Jr. The most overt hatred over the past four years has been directed at President Obama himself. Regardless of which candidate is elected, what I think we can clearly see is that there is a desire on the part of some, to “go back,” ushering in another era of racism that could become socialized and institutionalized in America. Jim Crow Jr. is knocking on America’s door.

An election favoring Mitt Romney is inextricably intertwined in this rising form of racism. I believe a Romney presidency will open wide the door to a new form of Jim Crow directed at non-White citizens of the United States. Regardless of whether or not Governor Romney were to return to a more moderate form of politics, or even disassociates himself with the radical right he aligned himself with to get this far, he is their candidate. They have used him as much as he used them. With the re-election of President Obama we do not know whether or not Jim Crow Jr. will subside but it is likely, especially if there is more democratic control in the House and Senate, that it will take the “wind out of the sails” of socialized racism. Obama is one of the most intelligent Presidents in American history. His story is truly an American story in which all Americans should take pride. If the racist rhetoric and proposed policies should subside during the President’s second term, perhaps more Americans will be able to see him in a better light. There will always be racist among us, but in the past four years they have captured many who would not normally fall in their line. If Obama is elected, perhaps more of those White Americans who have been swept away in the “flurry” will be able to claim President Obama as their President

Rev. Dr. Randy Woodley is Distinguished Associate Professor of Faith and Culture, and Director of Intercultural and Indigenous Studies at George Fox Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Woodley is a Keetoowah Cherokee and author of the new book Shalom and the Community of Creation: An Indigenous Vision (Eerdmans). Randy blogs at The Huffington Post, Ethnic Space and Faith, Emergent Village Voice and Sojourners. 

Our Politics Are Soulless

By Larycia A. Hawkins

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you can expect the worst angels of our nature if Barack Obama reclaims the White House. And rather ruefully, I must inform you that you can expect a similar result if Mitt Romney wins. Presidential politics are a soulless affair.

Here’s what you can expect if you believe President Obama’s experiences of four years past can usher in “an economy built to last”: You should brace yourself for intensified partisan rancor as Congress doubles down on its intransigence given the loss of the presidency in a closely divided race where voter nullification may very well be the feeling people are left with if the popular vote winner in the national election loses in the electoral college.  The debt ceiling debate will seem like a piece of cake compared to the looming deficit reduction debate in the next Congress. The middle class Obama purports to champion will be lost in the vitriolic mayhem of civilized debate.

You should prepare yourself for more insidious symbolic racism in the form of racialized rhetoric and images, including, but not limited to “shuck and jive” metaphors of the Commander in Chief, monkey cartoons and evolutionary caricatures of the obviously black President, an unambiguous noose lynching the hope and change President of a country where lynching signified that citizenship and hope and democracy were reserved for whites only, and the racialization of ostensibly race-neutral policies via claims that healthcare is merely reparations from the welfare president.

Here’s what you can expect if you believe Mitt Romney’s the man to “restore America” with his five-point plan: You should reread 1984 to refresh your memory as to the meaning of doublespeak, since the (presumptive) Democratic minority in Congress will strenuously and unanimously oppose all the policies of the newly minted Presidential agenda — even those policies that they agree with — in the name of representation and e pluribus unum. Never mind that a few short years ago, they castigated Republicans for denying a recently enthroned President Obama the same presidential courtesy.

You should prepare yourself for religious wars. While the first freedom of the Bill of Rights is religious freedom — the free exercise clause enabling individuals to choose religion and the establishment clause barring the state from imposition of an official religion, there will be a resurgence of religious intolerance surrounding Romney’s Mormonism. If you think that Romney’s nomination as the Republican candidate for the general election signifies that we are past all that Mormon-bashing, think again. Just as Obama has been characterized by the right as Muslim and foreign-born, expect the left to frame Romney in a similarly disdainful fashion on the basis of his faith. One need only recall recent caricatures of the Christian Right as seeking to engender an American theocracy or the prevalence of media stereotypes which wrongfully equate evangelicals with fundamentalists and which equate both evangelicals and fundamentalists with what are often depicted as solipsist and reactionary cultural practices — homeschooling and having thousands of children. Musicals, movies, and musicians that ostensibly normalize Mormons must be held in tandem with reality shows that portray Mormon men as misogynists and polygamists and Mormon women as oppressed and helpless. Religious intolerance will rear its ugly head if Mitt is the man.

Why, you may ask, is a political science professor avoiding a discussion of the issues that will emerge under an Obama or Romney regime? For one simple reason — the soulless politics of our day incentivizes hateful race baiting and religious bashing rather than substantive policymaking. Yes, bills do get passed under divided government — even landmark policies like the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. But partisan rancor persists amid a seemingly soulless brood of politicians who, on the surface, have more in common than in difference. Rancor proliferates and policymaking is a casualty of the political battle.

While I regrettably expect little of the political context to change come January 2013, I submit that knowing is half the battle. To be shrewd as snakes, we should expect more of the same old politics. To be innocent as doves, we should both demand and expect change from politicians and pundits, especially those who claim to be cross-bearers. Rather than engaging in soulless rhetoric and tasteless tactics, rather than applauding and patronizing the ideologues and elites who propagate misinformation about Mormons and make racist remarks about the first black President, we should demand enemy-loving politics that produces justice-laden policies.

If soulless politics continues, you should look in the mirror. If substantive politics fail to protect the weak and vulnerable, the rocks will cry out.

Dr. Larycia A. Hawkins is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Wheaton College. She is a co-editor of the book Religion and American Politics: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives. Her research includes projects exploring black theology and its relationship to political rhetoric and black political agendas, like those of the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP. Prior to academia, she worked in state government administering federal programs, including the Social Security Disability program and the Community Development Block Grant.

The Church Must Step Up

By Wil LaVeist

If President Obama is re-elected, but the split Congress (Republicans controlling the House, Democrats controlling the Senate) remains, we can count on more of the same gridlock. Republicans will focus on winning seats in the 2014 mid-term election and holding out to win the presidency in 2016. Democrats will do the same. If Mitt Romney wins, but has a split Congress, he’ll face a similar challenge for similar reasons. If either winner gets a Congress that is on their side, they will have a better chance of pushing their agendas. But wait — “the filibuster” looms. Only a drastic threat (war, economic collapse, etc.) would likely shake either party to compromise.

Either way, churches in predominantly black communities should step into the moral gap to inspire people to pursue righteousness, fairness and grace towards others in their own lives — to get their own houses in moral order. We should spark a “moral civic revival” — rallying people to shine their lights on the deepening tragic immoral disparities (health, economics, housing, education, incarceration rates) that exist in predominantly black communities across the nation. Leading by example with solutions, we should urge fellow Christians and Americans of all persuasions to see these growing disparities (rooted in the sin or racism) as a national crisis that endangers all of us. We should demand accountability from elected officials, regardless of party affiliation. Perhaps in this new climate, more public servants will emerge in the spirit of Joseph — willing to serve not their own narrow self-interests, but all of the nation’s people regardless of race, ethnicity or faith. We know the God who lives in us maintains control no matter who lives in the White House. We must act on what we know.

Wil LaVeist is an award-winning journalist, professional speaker, and author of Fired Up: 4 Steps to Overcoming a Crisis, Including Unemployment. Contact him at www.WILLAVEIST.com, and listen to The Wil LaVeist Show Wednesdays at Noon to 1 p.m. on 88.1 WHOV in Hampton, Virginia.

Okay, that’s them. Now it’s your turn. Share your predictions below.

  1. Do you think if the American people cancelled out Washington, and took over the government themselves, this slow, and excruciatingly painful death we are currently dying as a nation would be expedited to overnight?

  2. Panelists, do you think that the reason we are in gridlock, and heading towards a return to Jim Crow days is because God wants us right here? Do you think that it is high time we bussed mega doses of the Word and Jesus into first, the lowliest neighborhoods to the most affluent neighborhoods in America? It seems we spend so much time trying to change and manipulate each other into our view that it has completely escaped us that this is not the Tea Partyer’s country nor even the ones whose hands and backs carried it; but it is God’s country. We can dialogue about the problems all day long blaming each other, but until the calamity comes that makes us stop looking at each other and drop to our knees crying out to and looking to God, its useless; and we, every race, culture, creed, that makes up this nation will go the way all great empires go. If I’m preaching to choir I’m sorry. But we do have work to do and it’s not in Washington.

  3. All of you are aware that Obama is the most pro-abortion president in years right?

    • i read the above commentary and was struck by the same thing. None of these people ackknowledge that Obama is radically pro abortion and radically pro gay marriage.
      My biggest problem with all the conclusions is that they all seem to bemoan the fact that Washington will be in gridlock. We should not look to the government for answers. We should first look to God and then to eachother. One way to drive this home is to concentrate the federal programs down to the local level.

  4. if the students of Saul Alinsky (Barry Soetero and Hillary Clinton) are allowed to proceed, they will continue their patronage to Saul’s “over-the-shoulder” “very first radical” “acknowledgment”, (coined so explicitly well in the DEDICATION page of his book “Rules for Radicals”). In case viewers don’t know what Saul said, here it is, in plain english: “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.” Having a key understanding of The Bible, at least there’s a chance with a Mormon, which we won’t have with all out Satanists…

  5. Hillary, Obama and the Cult of Alinsky: “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism, Alinsky taught. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within… Alinsky’s tactics were based, not on Stalin’s revolutionary violence, but on the Neo-Marxist strategies of Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist. Relying on gradualism, infiltration and the dialectic process rather than a bloody revolution, Gramsci’s transformational Marxism was so subtle that few even noticed the deliberate changes.
    Like Alinsky, Mikhail Gorbachev followed Gramsci, not Lenin. In fact, Gramsci aroused Stalins’s wrath by suggesting that Lenin’s revolutionary plan wouldn’t work in the West. Instead the primary assault would be on Biblical absolutes and Christian values, which must be crushed as a social force before the new face of Communism could rise and flourish. Malachi Martin gave us a progress report: “By 1985, the influence of traditional Christian philosophy in the West was weak and negligible…. Gramsci’s master strategy was now feasible. Humanly speaking, it was no longer too tall an order to strip large majorities of men and women in the West of those last vestiges that remained to them of Christianity’s transcendent God.” http://www.crossroad.to/Quotes/communism/alinsky.htm

  6. What I get out of this is if you vote for Romney you are probably a racist. If you vote for Obama, you are voting for the second coming of Jesus. Don’t feel the need to explain why I have a hard time with that.

    Here is my take: If Obama wins we better have concern for the poor because there are going to be a lot more poor people in the United States. Budget deficits and food stamp enrollment will continue to increase past the point of economic suicide if we haven’t swallowed the slow release poison pill already. Double digit unemployment, which is still the reality for minorities in this country, will be the norm.

    If Romney wins, you better hide your children because the republican party is driven by greed which will get us involved in more wars. Despite any efforts to cut government spending by the republicans, spending will still increase as a result of increased defense spending. The republicans, despite their rhetoric, will continue to run up big deficits and bankrupt our country. Hopefully the real results of this election is the American people will get serious about looking outside our two parties for solutions.

    Ron Paul 2016!

    I appreciated the answer from Wil LaVeist the most. Everybody needs to get their moral house in order, not just the black population. I also believe that all true Christians really desire the same thing, they just use polarizing political language to explain it. Maybe Christians should quit worrying about who is in the White House and start working toward the cause of Christ in a spirit of unity. Politics is not the tool that will unify Jesus” church or see God’s will established upon the earth.

  7. “The United States has never before had to make a choice like this — between two different ways of life. ” ~Michael Novak

    Michael Novak states that “President Obama also appeals to the new “counterculture” that celebrates abortion, gay marriage, and a morally relaxed culture. They are locked in a “culture war” against traditional American virtues ( biblical, Jewish and Christian). In Europe, many refer to these as “puritan” values.” and “The United States has never before had to make a choice like this — between two different ways of life. “

  8. It is wonderful that we have freedom of speech in this country. I am sorry but so much of what is written above is not only inaccurate it trumpets only one view. As a social scientist I must disagree with the substance of what is written here. It lacks validity.

    Phillip C, Smith, Ph.D.

    • Dr. Smith. Your comment was not specific. What, in your opinion, is inaccurate and what are the qualifiers you are seeking that substantiate validity?

  9. I really hope that Obama wins & stays as the president. He’s so wonderful.

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  11. What once this Country was it will never be again, We have allowed too many people outside the government to remain quiet and accepting on what was going on inside our government.. When we should have rallied around our “Just” leaders, we must honor them by protecting them because it was all of them that carried their dreams into our lives and our hearts as we smiled. Just as if a whisper of hope was with us for only a short time and then taken away. We all gave up on the dream of a better America.
    If there is a chance to be united and rally around the best leader for all people it is now. If we do not America will have no more stories of great leaders to tell. ” Vote Obama 2012″

  12. I don’t understand how reasonable people cannot understand that this is probably the most important election of our time.

    The Left will destroy this country rather than look rationally at what is happening, not only to our country but pretty much the whole world. Most of Europe’s economies are crashing and burning and we are following down the same road.

    The Left pilloried Bush for spending in unholy amount, including Obama. Most on both side agreed with that. But he was running two wars that everyone in Congress, except for two, agreed with. The most that he spent in one year was 500 billion. This same Left, including Obama, has no problem with Obama spending 1.3 Trillion (triple Bush’s highest amount).

    Unemployment is out of site and worse in the black community. Over 14%, if I am not mistaken.

    The Left went after Bush for lying (Bush lied and people died), which was a lie. But have no problem with Benghazi or Fast and Furious.

    The Left’s policies have destroyed our schools. Just look at the results.

    They Left’s policies are destroying marriage. Look at the number of single parent households, especially in the black community. In the early 60’s it was around 22% and is now around 70%. That is crazy. And then we wonder why there is so much crime. The lack of male role models has nothing to do with it?

    There is an obvious attack on religion by the Left.

    And there are many other issues that should be pretty clear.

    I understand the vote when Obama was first elected but not this election except for willful self-deception.

  13. The more I read from these distinguished individuals, the more upset I became. I am a conservative who will not vote for Barack Obama, but that does not make me a racist nor does it make me unconcerned about the poor in our country. I cannot, as a Christian, support an individual who claims to be a Christian while vocally supporting a woman’s right to have an abortion for any reason, seems to place some distance between America and Israel (granted that may have been blown out of proportion a bit, but his party does seem to advocate for a greater separation between the two nations), and who supports gay marriage. I would not support this individual regardless of the color of his skin.

    I cried tears of joy four years ago when our nation elected its first African-American president. I felt proud and excited about how far our nation had come. However, my vote today reflects my problems with the facts and record of the past four years as well as fundamental idealogical differences I have with our current president and his party.

    I am a middle class, white, 30something year old, female teacher. I have African-American family members, numerous African-American friends, and I attend a multi-cultural church that I feel better reflects God’s kingdom on earth. I am not a racist nor do I have hidden racist tendencies or deeply rooted prejudices. So, to even hint that my vote is indicitive of my unconscious racist tendencies, whether that was intentional on a few of the panelists parts or I am reading into what was written, is extremely hurtful and offensive to me. Also, I am very concerned about the plight of the poor in my city, country, and globally. My giving reflects my concern, and I would much rather have control over which charities I support than have government officials make that choice for me. I give because I love Christ and am compelled to carry out His mission on earth. I do not believe that because I choose not to vote for the Democratic ticket that I am against poor people. Putting that notion forward does not make a bit of sense and again offends me as a Christian and as a thinking, rational human being.

    We must all be careful of our words and make sure that our language does not further divide our nation or the body of Christ, and I feel strongly that the majority of the views expressed on this particular panel were divisive and not edifying in any way. That breaks my heart and causes me great concern for the future.

  14. I’m a white man who comes to your site to read the most excellent Daily Direction from Dr Melvin Banks. I’ve been reading/listening to this broadcast for more than 5 years. I’m struggling with how this site, which serves the black Christian community can support President Obama. This is not a race issue to me. Some of my closest friends are black and my last manager was black, and he was the most fair manager I have ever had. This is about biblical values. The democratic party has adopted a Romans 1 platform. They fully support abortion, gay marriage, they don’t want to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and they put God back into their platform only during the convention due to pressure. This last part is blasphemy if they bring God back into this as we know He does not support these values. Don’t we Christians (black and white) have an obligation to vote for the “guy” that will set our country back to a more righteous standard? The 6th commandment is “thou shall not kill”. This alone is enough for me not to vote for President Obama.

  15. Being called a racist because you don’t go along with the Left is normal. The problem is that it cheapens the struggles and the pain of those who went through actual racism. But demonization is what the Left does. Once your are tarred with that accusation, you are done.

    Kindergartners are taught that the Gay lifestyle is OK and that it is just an alternative life style whether the parents want that or not. If you don’t agree – you are anti-gay and homophobe. And they will throw racist in there for good measure because you can have black gays.

    But you can’t say a prayer in school because one of the kids might be offended.

    Left decides that something is bad for you or they just don’t like it and it is banned (sodas, peanuts, apples, etc).

    Left decides that sugar is bad at schools because kids can’t make their own decisions. But they believe and push “No Parental Consent” for abortions because apparently the same kids that can’t make a decision about whether to drink a soda or not. The fact that the procedure is life threatening makes no difference and if the parents get a call from a doctor that their kid has died on the table from a procedure they didn’t even know about – is fine because it is for the greater good. The good they believe in.

    This is the same with the Left who claim anyone who votes against Obama, as one black Senator specifically said, you are a racist. Now some will say that is just her opinion and doesn’t hold with the majority. The problem is that it is position of the leaders that keep getting reelected by these same people who say they don’t hold with the majority. As I have said before, if you want to know what the Left believes, just look at what they accuse the Right of doing.

    1) The country, whom the Left claim is racist, voted in a black president.
    2) Never mind, that the Right also wanted to vote in Herman Cain. Who did their best to destroy him and his reputation – not the Right.
    3) Who wanted Clarence Thomas for Supreme Court Justice – who tried to destroy him and his reputation. Not the Right.
    4) Who wanted a Colen Powell to run for president – the racist Right.
    5) Who put Condoleezza Rice as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State as well as enthusiastic about the possibility of her running for Vice President.
    6) Who was against segregation – not the Left.
    7) Who was responsible for passing the Civil rights act – not the Left

    Just look at Maxine Waters who radiates bitterness every time she speaks and Mia Love who radiates love, happiness and intellectual vibrance and no complaints.

    “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned — the Tea Party can go straight to hell,” Waters told an Inglewood, California audience at a “Kitchen Table Summit”.

    Then you have Condoleezza Rice at the convention:

    “And on a personal note– a little girl grows up in Jim Crow Birmingham – the most segregated big city in America – her parents can’t take her to a movie theater or a restaurant – but they make her believe that even though she can’t have a hamburger at the Woolworth’s lunch counter – she can be President of the United States and she becomes the Secretary of State.”