Can Iyanla Vanzant Fix Your Life?

Iyanla Vanzant's popular new show is igniting commentary across social media outlets, but can the self-help guru actually fix your life?

Iyanla Vanzant (pictured above) is a self-help author, life coach, and star of the hit reality-show “Iyanla: Fix My Life”. Her show airs on Saturdays at 9/8c on the OWN Network (Photo Credit:

I first heard of Iyanla Vanzant in the ‘90s when I was a college student. Although I hadn’t yet developed my relationship with God, the spiritual message she shared on Oprah, my patron saint at the time, attracted me. Also, Iyanla’s story of ascent from welfare mother to lawyer inspired me. Her books — “Acts of Faith: Daily Meditations for People of Color”; “Faith in the Valley: Lessons for Women on the Journey to Peace”; and “The Value in the Valley: A Black Woman’s Guide Through Life’s Dilemmas” – delivered the self-empowerment messages I craved as I entered adulthood.

However, as my relationship with God deepened in my ‘20s, I realized that Iyanla was a Yoruba priestess and maybe I didn’t need to seek that kind of wisdom from someone who didn’t share my Christian beliefs. Still, I occasionally thumbed through her books to extract the positive messages without being lured into her belief system. And then, suddenly, I stopped hearing about her altogether. Apparently, while Oprah was grooming the self-help guru to have her own talk show – similar to the way she groomed Dr. Phil – Iyanla reportedly gave her an ultimatum: give me a talk show or I’ll secure one with another media outlet. Oprah did not give her a show, but Barbara Walters did. The talk show, however, was short lived, only lasting for one season. The loss of Iyanla’s talk show marked the beginning of her descent: her husband divorced her, she lost her daughter to cancer, and declared bankruptcy.

Once Oprah started the OWN network, the media queen and her protégé eventually mended their relationship. In February 2011, the two held a raw and honest multi-episode conversation and reconciliation that revealed what really transpired just over a decade earlier. After their exchange, Iyanla received an invitation to be an expert on “Oprah’s Lifeclass” show and, ultimately, an offer to host her own show, “Iyanla: Fix My Life”, on Winfrey’s network. I watched a few of the first season episodes, but this season has set media outlets and social media buzzing. The April 13th season premiere featured DMX, a rap artist who has become as well known for his multiple arrests and erratic behavior as he is for his music, and his estranged teenage son Xavier. The episode made for gripping television: DMX nearly threatened Iyanla; shared tender moments with his son; and spoke in his trademark staccato speech patterns (which sound better in a rap song than an interview). The rapper, whose birth name is Earl Simmons, talked about being sent to a group home as a child, his drug abuse, meeting his now estranged wife Tarshera and cheating on her with multiple women. When the 90-minute show ends, the audience knows a lot about DMX and his family, but it doesn’t seem that DMX’s life has been “fixed.” In fact, he doesn’t want the show to be aired again and is reportedly planning to sue Iyanla.

In the second show, which aired April 20, Iyanla endeavors to fix the life of Sheree Whitfield, the former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, and Bob Whitfield, her ex-husband and former Atlanta Falcons football player. From this episode, we learn that their marriage was troubled from the beginning: Mr. Whitfield wed his ex-wife because she was pregnant. Whitfield accused her of creating drama to be used as footage for the hit reality show and obsessing over the construction of her dream mansion Château Sheree. Sheree, on the other hand, accused her former husband of being a deadbeat dad because of his refusal to pay child support and take care of their two children. By the end of the episode, both parties readily admitted they don’t like each other and Iyanla admitted that she had not “fixed” their lives.

Today’s episode will feature popular Atlanta DJ “Sasha the Diva,” her 17-year-old son, and her new husband. Apparently, the son she raised as a single parent is acting out now that his mother has gotten married. I heard Sasha speaking about the episode a couple of weeks ago as she was the host of a seminar at a bridal show I attended. She said before she called Iyanla, she thought she was going to have to either choose her son or her husband, but Iyanla helped her to maintain both relationships. Well, I guess we will have to see for ourselves what transpires because if the past two episodes have been any indication of what is to come, there will be a whole lot of business sharing but not as much fixing.

Nevertheless, I must admit that I am a fan of the show. Iyanla has highlighted issues impacting the black community – such as drug abuse, single parenthood and blended family drama – in a way that addresses them without exploiting them. At the same time, I wonder if being on a single episode is helping families resolve issues that will likely take years of counseling to address. And while I haven’t heard Iyanla make any pointed references to her religious beliefs, I wonder if she is promoting them in any way as she counsels her show’s participants. Her new show is entertaining and educational, but Christians may need to be discerning about her advice.

About the author, Jacqueline J. Holness

Jacqueline J. Holness is a preacher’s kid, a preacher’s grandkid, and a preacher’s niece who blogs at She is also the author of After the Altar Call: The Sisters’ Guide to Developing a Personal Relationship With God.
  1. My husband and I have been together and married for 8 years. To start I love him truly but the physical and verb abuse has to stop. I am 38 years old, disabled due to stroke from 2007, the stroke left me with right side weakness and blind in my right eye, I am suffering from kidney failure and have to receive dialysis treatments 3 times a week, I have a 15 year old son, 12 year daughter and 10 year step son home with us, my last straw was when my husband fought my 15 year old son friend because his friend was defending me from my husband physical abuse. My husband is always angry and always verbally lashing at me and the kids. His anger stem from lack of finances, lack of cigarettes and lack of beer and child troubles with his step father and mother. When my husband have not had any of narcotics he become extremely aggressive. He is unable to maintain employment and has no ambition to seek new employment to support our family, all he will do is sit and play the video game from sun up to sun down and watch ESPN, he does not cook, clean or even try to hassle money using his electrical degree. We are living off $1450.00 monthly (my disability award) for a family of 5 with rent payments of $700.00 a month plus I still have to pay utilities (gas and electric, phone) and internet and cable for his gaming satisfaction. I stroked out trying to provide for a family of 6 (at the time my 21 year daughter left home at 16 due to all of the abuse)my working a full time job and a part time job plus cooking, cleaning and taking care of the 4 children just about killed me. My husband has pulled my self -esteem down to nothing and I have lost all site of any hopes dreams and is desensitized or numb to any love and life and I and sad waiting to die. I wish that we can receive help to stay together for the future of his son which is my main reason for dealing with this as long as I have. My step son was 2 years old when we got involved and they were homeless, his mother abandoned him never returned to this day and always lie to him that she is going spend time with him. I am the only mom he knows and I do not want to abandon him. I just want to live again. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for your time.

    • Ms. Jones,

      First of all, my heart goes out to you, and I’m glad that you reached out. Have you reached out to your pastor and church family about this? I haven’t gone through what you are going through so I don’t have advice, but I do believe that a caring pastor and church family can help you with the difficulties are you facing in addition to prayer…

    • Are you sure you want to call this guy husband? We all have are faults but if you are suffering through things you know are wrong try changing some things. It can be a creul world out there. Down let it consume you!

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    • Mrs Jones am so sorry for you conditions am truly sorry okay Mrs Jones you will live again that stroke is never going to kill you okay there is one powerful man i know that can heal you of that stroke his name is Dr osaze he is a very good man okay visit his blog on on how to contact him. take care and good luck

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  3. My heart goes out to you. Be assured that I am praying for you and your family. You have so many things going on, but I know that nothing is impossible to God. Complete and total healing is possible for your physical healing, the healing of your family relationship, and your finances. It breaks my heart to know that you are waiting to die. Hold on, God has so much more for you. Trust Him, and thank Him for leading you out of your wilderness. I know that you have already asked Him to fix your circumstances. Now, stop asking, because He heard you the first time. Begin to thank Him every time you think about it, and watch what happens. HE responds to praises.

  4. I don’t even know where to begin. At the same time i don’t want to say much because i want someone to help me to better myself and not because they feel sorry for myself. I know i have been through a lot at the age of 8. Whatever happened to me at that age, i cannot change…i just want to learn what tools i can use to better myself as a 35 years old !
    I know i had no control on what other people (man) had on me at the age of 8 …but i know i can have complete control on what i can do with my life now….but at times i feel so lost and i know i need someone to help me to lead the right path….sometimes i feel lost and very so lonely….it is so painful what i been through….so painful i cannot even talk about it !

    I feel that iyanla can relate to me…someone who can be 1000% true to me….!!!

    I don’t even know if this message can even get to her but its doesn’t hurt to try…!!!


    • Hi Patricia,

      Have you ever thought about reaching out to a counselor at your church or in your community?

      • Jackie Holness, Thank you for your advice ! I have had a few counselors years back !
        Please can you tell me how to delete my previous comment i posted yesterday. I was very depress and decided to share a comment regarding my issues…After i pressed enter and post my comment i felt uneasy about it. Please if someone can delete it, i would greatly appreciate it.

        Thank you.

        *comment was posted was onOn april 29,2013 at 1:49am

        thanks again !

  5. Women in the church have a hard way to go. I’m wrestling with some issues, and Iyanla’s insight has been helpful at times. But the heavy lifting is up to me. This is some of what I’ve dealt with. Iyanla has openly and emphatically stated that she doesn’t “fix” anyone’s life. And though she is a “Yoruba Priestess” (which christians automatically assume is “witchcraft”) she speaks often about prayer. She speaks about the prayer that she and her staff have before she commences to “fix” anyone in each episode. In the sidebar at my blog I have a video of her leading a powerful prayer. She grew up in the church, as a matter of fact. Too often, we Christians believe in the fallacy that God only loves, blesses and gifts a Christian. It is not so. Anyway, I speak on this thing.

  6. I have a lot of hurt on my heart and would like to fix my self and relationship with my son. I lost my spouse my spouse in 1996 when my son was 7 years old. Since then I’ve made so many mistakes that I wish I could explain to him the reasons that I let him was because I kelt he would be better off with out me. Instead it has left us in a very strained relationship. I took drugs in hope that I would die but that didn’t happened. Since then we have been homeless due to numerous reasons he has so much anger that I don’t know what to do and I am afraid for his life and my own. I have let him down in so many ways even though at the time I felt it was the best. I have tried to get counseling for the both of us but because of insurance reasons I have not been unable to get any help. For the last 5 years I’ve been trying to get help though social security to no avail while my son seem to spirille out of control through violence towards me. I’ve gone the all the mental agencies NAMBI and etc.I am at the point of on return. I need urgent help right now but I’m not expecting anything or anyone for help but thanks for listening. Maybe he should make money selling watermelons per therapist. For real, I felt that the statement was very negative sine my son is a 23 year old black man that wants to go to college and has ADHD , PTSD , and suffers from bipolar but he is get with music I’m working so had to keep him out of the system which isn’t easy. I could go on and on about this because his the most valuable thing in my life.

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  8. I watch the show and I see the type of families you target and unfortunately in my heart I know that I would be merely wishing perhaps hoping that you would consider fixing a family such as mine one where there is no husband but a single mother of 7 who endured molestation ..physical abuse …mental abuse neglected in ways beyond reason but still walked thru trials and tribulation but only to find a wall that’s stopping me from being able to love or be loved but desperately try I don’t have the big house the fancy car the lavish materialistic items but I have me and I am losing myself trying to right wrongs that are deeply rooted….HELP ME PLEASE

  9. I’m currently reading a chapter a day of your book ‘Faith in The Valley!”, also applying so much to my life. THANK YOU, MY BELOVED SISTER IN THE LORD! My question is, “How can I meaned a broken heart, when my wounds are so deep, I’m feeling,eating, sometimes exercising the pain-up. I surrender, but so much trigger new pain?

  10. P.s. I’m sorry for the typing mistake: ” How can I mend a broken heart?”

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    • JMO: Sounds fishy to me. And many people have exes who are exes for darn good reasons. As healthy, dignified women and men, we pray for our ex(es), turn them over to God, then move on without wanting them back.

  12. As a young child I was tounch and hurt by family members…for years I try to block it out by moving away (out of state) from my whole family. It seem that each time my mother would take ill and I would have to return to care for her which mean those family members. At last I told my mother what her family did to me! She said ” You are a lie and no one could nor would do that to you”. From that point on I went to find help to clean up my life…I didnt do drugs but I did drink. I moved completely to the other side of the US to be away from that family. Durning my time away I found healing with God. Once again I had to move back around that family and all that pain and hurt comes back to me. How can I move on to be just me.


  14. JMO: Even though Iylana doesn’t necessarily “fix” the lives of everyone she works with on her tv program, there are many insights and lessons to be gained and learned by the viewers. I love her show!

  15. Hey my name is Simone Moultrie I am 20 years old desperate for help crying out for help my mother is on drugs I do not know what to do I be going threw this for five years I do not know if she will ever change I do not know if my mother going to die from this. My mother has cause me alot of hurt and pain she lies to she steals from mei have disability and I get a check and she spends it all every month she leaves me in the house without any food I have alot of anger and emotions inside of me I do not know how to do curtain things cause she wasn’t been there to teach me I have nobody in my life I have been angry for five years I just want my mother to get some help and I can be happy again

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  19. Why are people coming to this site requesting help from Iyanla? Wrong website and did y’all read the article, I mean really… smh. And could someone delete those ridiculous spell caster posts.

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  25. I don’t understand how these “testimonies and “comments” about Spell Casters and other very, very, un-Christian remarks and advertisements are allowed to remain on this website, which is clearly Biblically based. I mean, the article specifically complains that Ilanya ‘s prior involvement in a non-standard, allegedly non-Christian, religion makes her advice suspect. Then, the majority of the information contained within the Comments section is limited regarding Christianity and faith based discussion, and replaced with testimony concerning spell casting, and the concept of Spell Casting doesn’t get any closer to witchcraft than you can get and this is strictly prohibited by the Bible! It is all so very confusing to me…???!!!.

    • I am not speaking ill of the author of the original article or of Ilanya, just the comments after the blog concerning Ilanya’s show.

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