Preachers of LA: More than a Showcase of Prosperity

The prosperity gospel is small cookies compared to what the show may really be uncovering in the lives of these six pastors.

“Preachers of LA” from left to right: Deitrick Haddon, Bishop Ron Gibson, Pastor Wayne Chaney, Pastor Jay Haizlip, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Bishop Noel Jones

A few months ago Oxygen released a trailer for their new reality show “Preachers of LA.” From the looks of the trailer, the show was going to be all about the prosperous life of six Los Angeles-based pastors: Bishop Noel Jones, Minister Deitrick Haddon, Bishop Ron Gibson, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Pastor Jay Haizlip, and Pastor Wayne Chaney.

At first glance it looked like the men could be sized up into caricatures of pastors:

  • Bishop Noel Jones, the older single pastor who enjoys his toys

  • Minister Deitrick Haddon the young pastor and musician trying to make a comeback after a fall from grace

  • Bishop Ron Gibson the reformed gang member who still visits the ‘hood

  • Bishop Clarence McClendon the pretty boy pastor who is about his Father’s business, emphasis on “business”

  • Pastor Jay Haizlip the former skateboarder pastor with the sleeve tattoos to prove he was radical

  • Pastor Wayne Chaney the pastor who is out to prove that you can be saved, sanctified and sexual.

But in the show’s premiere, the aforementioned caricatures were less interesting than the people themselves and, I found, the categories I could place these men in are the very categories they are trying to break out of–at least on camera. The show’s premiere gave viewers just a snapshot of the pastors luxurious lives and more of a close-up at some of the issues these men face.

Deitrick Haddon is trying to break free of his past mistakes. The gospel artist and pastor is making a comeback and the show is his platform. Yet his comeback is intricately tied up in everyone’s perception of him given his failed marriage and having a child out of wedlock before the ink on his divorce papers dried. Haddon admits that he fell from grace but is working his way back to the throne of grace. In the premiere he shared an intimate moment with Dominique, his fiancée, who remarked that his comeback concert—a focal point for the premiere—was going to be their re-introduction to the kingdom. Haddon’s response to this was that they never left the kingdom, a poignant moment that could also be a word for those of us ready to put people out of the kingdom because of their mistakes, and for those of us who may have felt put out of the kingdom because of our own mistakes.

Bishop Ron Gibson is the pastor for those living in a “Gangsta’s Paradise” which is not too far-fetched since he came out of the same context. Gibson was raised in South Central, Los Angeles, was a member of the Compton Crips and was addicted to PCP before Christ changed his life. The premiere frames Gibson as a man who hasn’t forgotten where he came from and follows him as he travels between his new ‘hood and his old ‘hood to preach the gospel to those still in the gang life. Gibson also appears to be the chief earthly reconciler of the show, bringing men together across the divide as demonstrated in an altar call and his “Man Cave” gathering on the first episode. Awareness of the past and reconciliation aside, I wonder if anyone else caught Gibson telling his wife that he would bring Christ but he would also bring the law–in a form of a gun–in case things got sticky in his meeting with some young gang members. Isn’t this counterintuitive for a pastor or is it just common sense for a pastor in his position working in a gang context?

Pastor Wayne Chaney’s most poignant line on the premiere might have been, “Christians can be saved, sanctified, and sexual” but I dare to think that it is helpful as a statement for Christians who are struggling to understand the sexual side of themselves. I, for one, am hoping that he carries his talk of being “saved, sanctified, and sexual” forward in ways that open up a discussion on the topic for young and old Christians alike. It will be interesting to see how a pastor, who is clearly outspoken about this topic, lives it out in a way that others may be able to follow. I really hope it isn’t just ratings bait.

Pastor Jay Haizlip is the lone white pastor on the show. Hailing from Alabama but raised in Los Angeles, he claims the skateboard as a formative part of his life. It is on the skateboard that he experienced great highs—he is considered a pioneer in the sport of skateboarding—and lows—he was addicted to drugs for twelve years. Hitting rock bottom is what brought Haizlip to God and from the snippets that we’re shown of his ministry, it is clear that both he and his wife Christy have a heart for young people. But we also see that there is something of a fracture in their relationship, particularly in Christy balancing her role as wife, mother, and first lady. In the season to follow it seems that their issues will be dealing with marriage and identity.

Bishop Noel Jones is the lone single pastor on the show with a trip down the aisle nowhere in sight. This seems to be fine for Jones who has been divorced for 20 years and has had his fair share of women approaching him because he is in a position of power. Jones was nearly absent in the premiere episode so it is unclear what his role will be. However, it will be interesting to watch how marriage and relationships, though seemingly not a central concern for him, may play a role in his life on the show. Like every other pastor, Jones was introduced with a woman by his side, although this woman is just a friend—a friend of 15 years whom also appears single. We may witness an unfolding of the age-old question of whether men and women can be “just friends” or some big reveal of two friends finally realizing they are madly in love with each other. If we are lucky though, we will witness none of that and we’ll see who Bishop Jones is apart from a pursuit of love and the notion that a single pastor should be interested in getting married.

Bishop Clarence McClendon is last, but not least. Of all of the pastors on the show it seems that McClendon is most caught up in the trappings of a luxurious lifestyle and the persona of an entrepreneurial pastor. He has a beautiful house, a beautiful wife, beautiful children, and if people are willing to admit it and not blush, he is beautiful. But what may come to a head for him in this show is his businessman image. A hint at this was provided in the concluding minutes of the premiere when McClendon and Haddon argued about the role of a pastor when other churches request his or her presence as a guest speaker/preacher. Of this McClendon said, “If somebody comes and asks me, ‘I want you to come and speak at my men’s fellowship,’ I may not be the guy—just because you are asking me.” Haddon disagreed with McClendon and told him, in a response that I believe resonated with many, “You are always the guy to come because you have a word and God has anointed you for the people.” Unfortunately this response didn’t diffuse McClendon and he and Haddon argued until the “On this season of ‘Preachers of LA’” preview reel rolled.

Now I confess that all I have written is mere speculation about the direction of the show. I may be seeing more than is actually there and more than will actually be there, but I am hopeful. I say this as someone who saw the show’s trailer and despised what its marketed premise was—a show about prosperity gospel preachers prospering. I, like many, have questioned the motives of the network for showcasing these men and focusing any attention on their material wealth when what the world needs to see is the substance and fruit of their ministry. My hope is that throughout this season we will see more of the latter than the former and that none of us would forget that each of these men are human and prone to every temptation and mistake that we laypeople face. I think it will be interesting to watch these men flourish or fade in the spotlight and it will be just as interesting to see how believers accept or reject these men in the public sphere. I know that there are many people railing against this show, saying that it is a disgrace to the kingdom and that these pastors aren’t being true Christians and I understand almost every argument that could be waged against the show at this point. But I also think there is something to be said for taking the time to watch the show and let these men and women tell their stories, the whole story—or as much as we can glean from a season—before we judge them.

As with all reality television there will be a fair amount of editing to create situations that might not look authentic and are all for the ratings. We know that is the case for every Housewives show and yet some of us are glued to our television sets to watch what happens next–and judge of course. We have given catty women with largely fictitious lives the benefit of the doubt by way of our continued support of their shows throughout the years, now we should make the same allowance for these men of God–or at least men who perceive themselves as men of God. Men some of us actually know minister and bless some of God’s people behind the scenes regardless of whether we agree with their theology or not. We should do so all the more because our hope is that they will represent something bigger than themselves, God. And we should do so because we hope that by the end of this season, someone might come to learn something about God, particularly God’s forgiveness, grace, and mercy. My hope is that people won’t walk away from this show thinking about the prosperity gospel or that God blesses those who serve God with material wealth because that is–in my view–not the best gift that God gives to those whom serve and preach the word of God. And to aspire to preach the Gospel for any reward aside from that which is beyond us is a vain hope at best. In all of this, my hope is that we might see more in these men and this show than prosperity and that our critique will leave some room for hope that a change can still come.

About the author, Nicole Symmonds

Nicole Symmonds is a newly-minted Master of Divinity joining the droves of people with MDiv behind their name who aren’t planning to minister—at least not from behind a pulpit. She views writing as a type of ministry and is happy to have the opportunity to return to her first vocational love while she continues to discern God's call upon her life. Nicole currently resides in Atlanta where she works as a freelance writer and journalist focusing on issues in religion and spirituality in the black experience, sexuality and spirituality, and pop culture and entertainment.
  1. It is my hope that Minister Haddon will submit himself to being healed. His behavior with Bishop McCllendon on the first episode represents someone filled with pain, and is similar to dynamite ready to explode…..In spite of what many may say, Bishop McClendon is a highly anointed man as well as a very cute man. God anointed him, and made him that way. He owes no one an apology for that, and his looks have nothing to do with the reason i am writing this response..
    Actually, i wonder why he chose to be a part of this type thing. Personally, I hope he will withdraw, and get on with the Lord’s work as he has been adequately prepared to do.

    In as much as it grieves me to say so, I believe Bishop McClendon was “sat up”, and this was shown when he was unjustly attacked by Minister Haddon at the end of the first episode. Anyone who watched, saw this… One thing that really concerned me was that the incident occured in one of Bishop Gibson’s homes, and I failed to see Bishop Gibson at least take authority over his premises by calling Minister Haddon to order, although he attempted to persuade Bishop McClendon not to leave. To say the least, Bishop McClendon deserved more respect than this. Not only as a Christian, but as a human being My heart is grieved over this matter.

    In spite of the obvious “set up”, Bishop McClendon handled himself as any anointed man of God would. He excused himself and did not permit the devil to have the victory. Thank God for that. Sometimes, God moves in ways we don’t understand . However, I don’t believe Bishop McClendon would have even participated in this if God had not led him to do so. Only he and God knows. May all of these men listen to the voice of God, and govern themselves accordingly. No doubt about it, this is definitely mourning time.

    • you seem more like a groupie than a Christian. And I don’t see whats cute or good looking about Mclendon….I do see that he tries very hard to look cute though.

    • Rosa Moore-Jordan you sound more like a groupie than a Christian. And I don’t see whats cute or good looking about Mclendon….I do see that he tries very hard to look cute though.

      • Hello, Tami. You have stated your impressions so far. Sooo…what else is new? I have spoken from the standpoint of someone who happens to be acquainted with the anointing that is on Bishop McClendon’s life. Now, if you consider that to be “groupie”, you have the right to your own opinion.

        Anyway, what seperates a Christian from being a “groupie”? Do Christians not follow Christ and are described in the scriptures as being “a peculiar people”? If you do not know where that is found in the Bible, a Bible Dictionary, or Concordance will help you out.

        So far as the “cuteness” goes, I don’t believe it is a matter of “trying”. I am convinced it is innate, Know what that means?

        Nice chatting with you, and than you for reading my response.

        • What anointing? Pray my sister for discernment to see wolves in sheep clothing. I pray God will give you more revelation in the spiritual realm. Since you are educated young lady with your master’s please try to get revelation from God and not your intellect, humanism or your flesh… “he is beautiful” God Bless

          • Mona, based on the information I have shared which you no doubt are basing your comment on, I can wholeheartedly understand why you take the position you have in response to my comment. Believe me, my comment was not based on my intellect. I just choose not to go in-depth here. Trust me, it was revelation from God that steered me towards improving my intellect.

            Thank you for praying for me for more discernment. I genuinely appreciate it. Also, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share just a little bit more. I do believe you are blessed with a kind and gentle spirit. Blessings.

          • I am so glad that someone is stating that more people of God need to ask for discernment and wisdom! We get so caught up in these prosperity ministries that we forget that Wisdom is God’s greatest gift.
            Well, aside from the LIFE, HEALTH, and STRENGTH that he gives you everyday.

        • like I said “groupie”

          • This person is posting their degree status next to their name. Something tells me appearances are really REALLY important to them. This is an argument you aren’t going to win.

        • wow, to pose the question “what separates a Christian from being a ‘groupie'” raises some flags, and i pray that you will accept my comments with the spirit of Christ in your heart. a Christian is a disciple is a follower of Christ. our intent is to learn about Him with the end result of being more like Him. a groupie is a person (usually women) who follows a person/group around with the intent to get near them and have some type of contact.

          Similar to the woman with the issue of blood, Christians approach may approach Christ with a heart to touch the hem of His garment to receive healing. yet, there is more to our experience than simply being a groupie. groupies surrounded Christ, but the entire crowd did not have a heart to learn and follow the teachings of Christ.

          As i stated earlier, i hope you receive this message with a heart of Christ and please accept that i am not attempting to cast any shade. if indeed you’re a groupie of Christ, i pray the Holy Spirit will stir within you to move you past simply being a follower to where you are following Christ to have a relationship with Him and are becoming more like Him.

          If you’re a groupie of any of these pastors – or any another man or woman – i won’t offer any comment on that. i simply caution against holding any person/pastor/minister/bishop/elder/etc. to such an esteem that they begin to function with greater influence in your life than Christ.

          • Tami evidently you have not read my opening comment with understanding. At any rate, being that you have perceived flags to be sent out, I hope these flags will reveal to you that I have no further comment on the subject, because I don’t. The only one I reall aspire to be with is my Lord and Savioor, and believe me, He blesses me royally with evidence to prove..

            May the saving grace of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the blood of His cross be with us all.

          • oops…addressed the wrong person….just caught it….the comment is addressed to MsEster….Tami, if your are here pardon me..

        • okay nicole..i think you owe the young lady an apology..for u to attack her comment i feel was unholy if u r coming from tht perspective or unpofessional..The bible says test the spirits ..she test and look at your mean and tyrnt ..response..easy..that’s what is wrong with righteous christians..they think noone is suppose to challenge them..correct in Love..There’s nothing pecular about a groupie ..,u can’t even justify this..u making up stuff..u r aquainted with his anointing..the blesings of God is without u can sin and still have the power..and u r arguing over his fleshly looks..u means to support him is not of God..U R MISSNG LOVE FOR SELF AND SISTERS..U R TO BULD UP AND RESTORE U SISTER..APOLOGIZE

          • Janice, not only are you speaking spiritually minded, but you are in line with the Word of God. Blessings to you. The scriptures do declare that the Gifts and callingsof God are without repentance. The Apostle Paul spoke to the church at Rome concerning this, and it is found in the book of Romans, chapter 11 verse 29. It really is a good thing to be slow to speak, and swift to hear. When we really conduct ourselves as God has prescribed, we open the door for blessings to come upon us. When we conduct ourselves contrary to God’s Word, we bring curses upon ourselves..

        • I wonder if his ex-wife who he divorced and quickly remarried the current one thinks about the anointing you say in on Bishop McClendon’s life. All the word anointing means is used by God. God used a Donkey in Numbers 22 . The bible also said God’s gifts are irrevocable so he gives talent and gifts to many people that are a hot mess.

          • Hello There,

            Please know that I continue to stand behind the comments I have made. However, I only follow those who follow Christ, and when they stop following Christ, I stop following them. People and seasons do change, and there are time when folk will allow their gifts and anointings to take them places that their character is not strong enough to sustain them. Nevetherless, I continue to stand by my previous comments, I am far from being naive to the things of God. With that in mind, please know I will not be watching or commenting on the episode this season. Blessings.

        • Are you also acquainted with his divorce and his ex-wife’s allegations that she suspected him of cheating on her which was in a Christian magazine after their divorce.

    • 2 Peter 2:3
      In their greed they will make up clever lies to get hold of your money. But God condemned them long ago, and their destruction will not be delayed.
      These Pastors on the Realty Show have signed a contract with the devil. They will get exposed for who they really are.
      Matthew 7:22-23 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

    • i agree with everything you are saying and bishop clarence mcclendon is a very cute man i think so to i have no problem with his ministry either because he is a very anointed man of god and he speaks very well for him self and conduct himself in a orderly manner

  2. I enjoyed your read Nicole. Thank you for this format to get my thoughts out on the matter. I saw the 1st episode the night after its first airing and several negative comments from someone else about it, which led me to believe it would be awful, to find, surprisingly, that it was not that bad. I was told that I would finally see the curtains removed on “how scandalous you pastors are!” He seemed to take much glee in that occurring, btw. I did not, however, see any of that non-sense but instead saw what I believe to be true; pastors are human, should not be elevated to hover 3ft above the ground as though they are not human & are not people anyone should seek to emulate but God. My problem with the show however is not that the curtain should not be opened, to a degree so that the above reasons above might be fulfilled, but that the man-cave should remain private because pastors need a place where they can speak freely, just as anyone else does. One of the most difficult things for a pastors is having a place where they can talk freely with others they can trust not put them on blast. That is unusual cultivate and only with someone who also has skin in the game. As we well know, family members, friends and even therapist have sold info, gained their 15 mins of fam and book deals on the humanness/failures of pastors who exposed themselves, their lives and even their lies out loud to them. And yes, in fairyland they wouldn’t have anything to fear from exposure because they will have been perfected. Well, chances are though that they aren’t quite there yet, as with most of us! See perfection, that whole being without sin/failings/mistakes/mishaps… thing, probably will not happen til the death bed-if at all. My question is; can a Christian handle the truth, still follow the teaching that flows from a perceived unclean mouth and vessel or does one still need the lie? #my2cents

  3. I wonder if these pastors, went before God in prayer before accepting this reality show. They don’t need the money. Have they considered how this will affect their members. By doing this show will it affect the members giving? We Christians seem to copycat everything the world does. We seem to follow the world, instead of them following us Christians.

    • I wonder if these pastors really THOUGHT about what the reality show format is intended to accomplish? Did they really THINK about the fact that what the producers choose to EDIT–and how they select what they have EDITED–can make them APPEAR to have said what they did NOT say? ANY media outlet–whether broadcast or print (and that includes the INTERNET)—can and will EDIT material to make it fit a specific time frame, format, slant, viewpoint, etc., whether or not the final take/print/edition is ACCURATE or not. RARELY WILL THE MEDIA PORTRAY ANYTHING IN ITS ENTIRETY–so that means a “reality show” is never
      really and totally REALITY–because the very process of “EDIT and RE-WRITE” means that
      material is arranged, deleted, added, or “stretched” to ACCOMMODATE the viewpoint of the
      producers. Accuracy, fairness and objectivity are NEVER the object of a “reality show”, even
      though the show may accurately record SOME ASPECTS of what is being portrayed. For CHRISTIANS–especially Christians of COLOR–the “reality show” does not serve as a “documentary” and rather, becomes a “mockumentary”. Black Christianity is RARELY, if ever, portrayed in the media as anything OTHER than entertainment, complete with STEREOTYPES that make all of us look like “religious clowns with choirs” that hang out at some quasi-Baptist church just to show off our hats, jump-start our singing careers at the
      choir contest, practice our holier-than-thou sanctimonious scowls during the worship, or polish our latest imitation of Martin Luther King’s oratory. Unfortunately, the secular media
      is now able to exploit ANOTHER “black church stereotype”–the GQ-dressed black church “pastor-mogul” who presides over his “empire” of willing “sheeple” . This mocks all the TRUE PASTORS–mean and women–who devote their lives to preaching the Word and pastoring their flocks who are battling REAL LIFE ISSUES. The question remains–did any of these pastors THINK about the REALITY of these “reality shows”? Did they CONSULT ANY OTHER
      BELIEVERS OTHER THAN YES-MEN and YES-WOMEN who could have raised concerns about the DAMAGE these shows could cause to personal lives, marriages and family life
      of not only THEMSELVES, but ALSO THEIR PARISHIONERS and the BODY OF CHRIST AT LARGE IN THE WORLD? Did they THINK about all the possible LEGAL ISSUES these “reality show mockumentaries” could raise for them AND for their parishioners?

  4. D. Haddon asked a great question to Bishop McClendon however, his tone was a little up there. I believe he would have received a better response if simply he was a little more respectful of others. He was vey aggressive over the entire group, some of the other men wanted to say something and he would not shut up.

    The question asked : Can you go to a church without your entrogauge? McClendon answer was “No” however, he could have said if God leads me that way I will however, most of the time he doesn’t. However, he just said “if they don’t want them, they don’t want me” What is that all about? This ministry is about what God wants not man.


  5. After debating this with some friends after church, lol, I think that it is clear, that bishop McClendon is about money over ministry. I am unbiased. I don’t have any previous knowledge of him and scandals as people say he’s been involved in. I’m actually appalled at how Dietrick is carrying himself on the show, but I agree that the gospel is free. For someone who knows the word so well, shouldn’t bishop know that After Jesus said freely give as you’ve received he said don’t accept any money. They traveled with people who had the same heart and the same instructions.

    The disciples who Jesus sent out didn’t work for each other, they worked for Jesus. So payment would come from God, not each other, shown throughout he mercy of one who’d let them have room and board.

    Besides looking at the foolishness of them insulting each other, what does the scripture that. McClendon kept referring to, say about ministry, ministry teams, payment for ministry, and how ministers earn their keep. There was a time when the church desired to give to Paul and he advised them to get the gift together before he came so there would be no difficulty once he got there. But alternatively, he didn’t ask them for that. He was a tent maker and made money that way. So…let’s take our lead from biblical examples not traveling evangelists that are praying for another gig ad preying on the pockets of people searching for a miracle and prosperity from the lips of a preacher…

    • oooh…well, what ever he is about, i have been blessed by Bishop McClendon’s ministry. That i cannot deny. If I had been personally blessed by the ministries of the other pastors, they too, would receive special comments from me as well. Actually, I am not a debater, and use eveery effort to run from it like the plague. However, I do believe in speaking persuasions based on experience and i choose to keep it that way.

    • 1 Tim 3:2
      Now a bishop must give no grounds for accusation but must be above reproach, the HUSBAND OF ONE WIFE, circumspect and temperate and self-controlled; [he must be] sensible and well behaved and dignified and lead an orderly (disciplined) life; [he must be] hospitable [showing love for and being a friend to the believers, especially strangers or foreigners, and be] a capable and qualified teacher,3 not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, NOT A LOVER OF MONEY. (the blings, benz, million dollar homes, million dollar salaries while their church members struggle) WAKE UP CHRISTIANS!

      • Thank you, Beverly. You have definitely given us the word. However, I would like to ask just one question concerning THE HUSBAND OF ONE WIFE. During the period you are referencing, it was common for one man to have more than one wife at a time. In the early Bible writing days, it was not at all uncommon for men to have a slew of wives.

        Now, do you suppose when the Apostle Paul spoke to young Timothy concerning the qualifications of a Bishop he was saying :”A Bishop must limit himself to one wife”. Or, was he saying “A Bishop must never be married over one time in his life”.

        Please know I am not trying to be feceous, It just happens that when I think of customs during that time, I can’t help but wonder.

        • I don’t have to answer you. The WORD speaks for it. You take or leave.,…

        • Good morning Rosa, grace and peace be upon you. I would like to add to the conversation. Concerning Biblical customs, as you well know, marriage started off being between one man and one wife as exemplified by Adam and Eve. However, over a process of time God allowed polygamy, perhaps as a way to multiply the earth and to prevent women from having to prostitute themselves or become slaves. Women were not educated or skilled, thus it was better to have a husband to take care of them and redeem them from demeaning and cruel situations. God designed man to be vegetarians, however, after the flood allowed us to consume certain meats. The Lord is gracious in spite of our foolishness and pride. From my understanding, polygamy was permitted in the Old Testament. However, in the dispensation of Grace, which is the timeframe Beverly was referring to, when marriage is spoken of, it is referenced in the singular form. My input is that when Paul was speaking to his spiritual son Timothy, he meant that a bishop must limit himself to one wife and according to Jesus’ doctrine, if anyone’s spouse passes away or indulges in sexual immorality, we are free to marry again, but only to one person. Be blessed my sister.

          • Good morning, grace and peace be upon you as well. Thank you so much for your response, Your input concerning the Apostle Paul speaking to his spiritual son Timothy in reference to the qualifications of a Bishop is in line with my persuasion as well. The manner in which you communicated this point is commendable.

            I receive your blessings, and more blessings to you as well.

        • That’s facetious, groupie! However, all of your responses HAVE been fece-ous. The Bishop’s Wife needs to be very concerned about you. I see where you’ve stalked every comment about McClendon, with his superficial ass, taking up for him.

          And you should remove the M.A. Rel (honors) from your signature, because the aforementioned scriptures concerning the one wife came AFTER they’d received the Holy Ghost, and they were no longer bound to the law of Moses where they could have more than one wife. Under the New Covenant (Testament) men were to be married to one woman only.

          Anyhoos, just had to call you on that one, and I’m not even a so-called theologist, but I do recognize when I see the symptoms of a serial stalker and groupie.

          • Also, Gotcha. I am not a self-proclaimed M.A. Re.(honors) It was awarded to me by a legitimate Bible College and Seminary the summero of 2004. Check with Bethany Bible College and Seminary Dothan Alabama and they will verify that fact. As a matter of fact, the title also carries the honor of Summa Cuma Laude. Hopefully, you understand what that means.

          • To Ester and “Gotcha”. Please know I forgive your unkindness, and do not hold it against you. Somehow I believe God is going to use this very thing to teach the two of you lessons that you will never forget. You will never unjustly attack another person all the days of your life. I do not know your real lnames, but rest assured, God does. My comments with the two of you are ended.

      • Good morning Beverly. Your emphasis on being lovers of money is spot-on. After all Paul warns in 1 Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” Christian leaders are held to a higher form of accountability. I, personally, would hate hearing Jesus say that He doesn’t even know me as I attempted to persuade Him that my works were done in His name. Concerning the material possessions, the leaders spoke on that while in the “Man Cave.” Oftentimes, they are authors, singers/musicians, etc. that generate additional funds. I would like to think that some of them sow back into the church to assist brothers and sisters in their struggles. At the end of the day, I agree with you, we, as Christians do need to be watchful. Christian leaders, in particularly, should do nothing to cause their brothers and sisters to stumble. May God continue to bless you with the wisdom we all need in these last and evil days!

  6. I’d rather see a pastor whose leading thousands to heaven with money, than in the hands of rappers, musicians and Hollywood actors who are leading millions to hell, should Gods money be in the hands of the wicked wealth does not belong to the devil it belongs to God

  7. The truth is neither of these pastors or bishops will be rewarded for the money they have. God is not concern about cars,money and wealth. Christ will rewarded you for how many souls you bring to Him. These minister are wasting there time on a show that is all vanity to God. They are not uplifting Christ in this show, they are uplifting themselves. Pray for all of them, they have been hoodwink by satan.

  8. I think this show is going to give a lot of people things to think about as to where we all may have held preacher’s. It may be hard for some people to accept that the are men as we are men & women. I believe it’s not so much of them having sin it’s about they way the are going about exposing it. I believe in being transparent, however, I think tactfulness is a factor here. Although we do have to understand they have lives and have flaws it’s our preception of the way they present it. This show in my view shows the lost that they can come as the are and for us that are saved we still have a need for a sinner.

    As it relates the spat with Detrick and Bis. McClendon, I feel that they both could have handle that a lot better. I’m a fan of Detrick and I didn’t see the harm in the question, I feel it got heated because the passion ran high and he offended. I don’t know Bis McClendon but I feel as a man of God he should be able to answers just a little bit better without being upset. I don’t understand how any two people get along IN JESUS name. I hope and pray they work it out before the show ends to be an example.

    @Rosa I understand your passion for Bis McClendon and his ministry that’s a beautiful thing. However, he wasn’t attacked. I think your apporach on here is for very combative. It’s almost like you’re trying to shut everyone down that speaks against him. Just my view but defending him is noble but when done in such a fashison it’s received wrong and doesn’t help your fellow brother and sister.

    • *I meant we have a need for a saviour

    • First LaToya, my passion is not for Bishop McClendon. My passion is for the anointing that I am convinced God has placed upon his life based on my experience with the ministry. Your view of what happened in the episode is your view, mine is mine, and it is what

      I am only speaking from persuasion and not out of an effort to control anyone. Also, I am very much aware of the fact that people respond based on their level of preperation and understanding, I have done that and it is obvious that you spoke from your vantage as well.

      That being said, my conversation with you is ended concerning the matter,

  9. I understand everyone is trying to be diplomatic in there approach to the show and it’s actors. The real question is WHAT DOES IT DO FOR CHRIST? Jesus is coming back any day now!!! We as Christians do have time to play these silly games on TV. This show is a distraction and will lead more people away from church.

  10. This show is definitely eye-opening and certainly won’t convert any non-believers!

    • 2 Tim 3:1-5
      But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be LOVERS of themselves, LOVERS of money (blings, benz, million dollar house) BOASTERS, PROUD, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, HEADSTRUNG, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a FORM of godliness but denying its power

  11. The real problem with this show is precisely that–it is a “Reality SHOW”–which means that FORMAT and ENTERTAINMENT VALUE dictate the CONTENT of this “entertainment.” The “reality show” format is driven by “ratings” or “market shares”, and the entertainment values of the producers. Entertainment values do not encompass biblical standards or Christian ministry concerns. Christian ministry is primarily about SERVICE to the Body of Christ and the world, and this is done in the context of dealing with daily life as a Christian while helping others orient their lives to God. The entertainment-driven aspects of a “reality show” actually
    superimpose a “sensationalist” orientation that portrays all life as a series of “sound bytes”.
    But real Christian living and real Christian ministry cannot be compressed into juicy little chunks of entertainment focused upon the foibles, quirks, weaknesses, sins and failings of the subjects of the show, now reduced to “entertainers”–the people who live under the glare of the camera. Video and sound editing also produce a stunted, slanted, distorted view of so-called “reality”–thus Christian life and Christian ministry are portrayed as a series of “sound bytes of the religious and ridiculous”. Frankly, I do not see any real constructive purpose that a “Christian reality show” can accomplish, with its emphasis upon the problems and “weirdness” of its subjects. There is no real constructive benefit gained by the portrayal of so-called “Christian” fornicators, adulterers, Baby Daddy’s/Baby Mama’s, slick entrepreneurs and/or “pimps of the flesh.” Real Christian character, discipleship, marriages, relationships and pastoral work cannot and is not developed under the glare of cameras, sound people and “production crews.” Christians should not be exposing themselves to needless outside intrusion and “media spotlight”–especially Christians with stunted and
    broken marriages, sexual sins, pastoral difficulties and/or persistent personal problems,
    psychological quirks, personal and family dysfunctions, etc. This is not because Christians
    are or need to be “perfect”, but because it is not wise for people representing Jesus to the public to breach the confidential aspects of Christian ministry–ESPECIALLY AS IT PERTAINS TO THEIR PARISHIONERS–to a secular media bent on portraying them as religious hypocrites and weirdos anyway! Nor is it spiritually healthy to have a “production crew” at your
    house and/or church showing the world how you have failed or are failing in living a life of CONSISTENT, GODLY Christian discipleship. The simple privacy we all need to grow and
    develop as believers is ESSENTIAL to maintaining a healthy prayer and devotional life; a healthy marriage and family; a healthy, balanced life as a Christian single person; healthy
    friendships and certainly for those in the pastorate, a healthy church life that fosters a sense of
    Christian community. Privacy is needed just to preserve your SANITY and no human was designed to endure the hard, unblinking “eye of the camera” intruding into personal space on a daily basis–even if the show pays you a good salary for the intrusion of media spotlight into your personal life! Long after the cameras are gone and the production crews have disappeared to film their next “show of weirdness”, the problems that media exposure produce can continue to impact individuals and churches.

    • Charity Dell, your comment was so eloquently written. God has truly blessed you with the spiritual gift of knowledge and wisdom. My goodness, you covered it all! You caused me to reflect on Jesus’ intercessory prayer in John 17:15-17…v. 15 “I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one. v. 16 “They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. v. 17 “Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.” Also, according to 1 Thessalonians 4:11, Christians are to “aspire to lead a quiet life…” but unfortunately participating in such shenanigans, as seen in the Preachers of LA, is not in keeping with the Apostle Paul’s guidance and are actually resemblance of the world. Rhetorically speaking, I wonder how many of us will continue to watch the show and increase the ratings while the network and “actors” laugh all the way to the bank? Continued blessings to you!

      • Blessings to you, also! I think the SADDEST thing about this “preacher reality show” is that the subjects haven’t yet figured out that this show places all the majesty, beauty and glory of God and Christian faith on the same level as shows about pitifully lost pregnant teenagers and the equally confused “babies’ daddies”; shows highlighting adults abusing their children in EXTREME versions of “pageants”; shows glorifying abusive dance instructors with their own
        obesity issues–and the parents who permit their talented, hard-working daughters and sons to be abused for “trophies” and “video shoots”; endless glorification of the polygamous lifestyle, etc. Oh yes, and let’s not forget those endless “nanny shows” that feature the spineless parents who permit their households to be ruled by the Heathens and Heathenettes they brought into the world….I think it’s truly reprehensible, irresponsible and
        TRAGIC that so-called Christian pastors would permit themselves to be presented to the world at large as just one more piece of sordid “entertainment” that mocks the very faith and Bible they are supposed to be living by!!

  12. We don’t have much time saints. It is imperative that we focus on winning souls for Christ. You can be educated, rich, be a bishop without Glorifying Christ u have miss the mark. There is only one King we have to please and his name is JESUS!!!! Amen!!!

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  14. I am not so enamored of Bishop McClendon. He’s not especially handsome to me, and he may be anointed, but he is also human and humanly self-righteous. He called Haddon “ignorant” based on them disagreeing so Haddon had a right to come back at him.

    • Haddon has a problem with authority thats not the way you speak to somebody older than you
      Why was he pointing fingers when God has forgiven him of adultery and fornication

      • Good morning, Joan.
        Actually, I had resigned from this thread. However, your comment has really caught my attention. You have not quoted a lot of scriptures, or used many words. Even so, your comment has spoken volumes.

        Respect among many of the youth today seems to be a declining force, and that is a dad thing What is even more sad is the fact that models of respect seem to be declining, and many people who claim to be christians do not even know how to identify respectful attitudes when they see them. This is really a sad thing.
        Blessings to you, and please know that I am among those who really appreciate the attitude you have shown through your comment today

        I say again to you, many blessings.

      • McClendon’s closet is not clean either. Let’s not forget he used God as the reason he divorced his first wife, telling her the Lord “told showed him who he was supposed to marry” after being married to his first wife for 16 years. So, he divorced his first wife under the ruse that he didn’t want to be married anymore, he wanted to be free to preach. Then he promptly turned around and married another woman a week after his divorce.

        Now, McClendon had to have been having an affair with this woman, which is what….adultery and fornication… cause GOD would not tell you to divorce your wife and marry another. Give me a break. McClendon is no better than any of the others on that show or any other preacher period, whether he’s older or not. The way to go about it is not to have that holier than thou attitude.

        • C.Perry thanks for that information, the Bible is very clear about divorce Jesus said one cannot divorce their spouse except he or she commits adultery and if this what McCleddon did to his first wife it was cruel of him but when it comes to authority God hates rebellion and if you do not know how to submit to authority you will not be able to do spiritual warfare and lm not holy than thou im a sinner saved by grace I have many faults and thats why I do not expect other Christians to be Angeles

        • All have sinned and come short of the glory of God(Romans chapter 3). God is just and fiahtful to forgive. If there ever was a time for prayer, the time is certainly now….the finger that points leaves the thumb holding three fingers down that points back at the one that does the pointing.

      • i will agree with you on the whole season Deitrick Haddon does have a problem with authority and being corrected by those pastors who have did what he have did when they were younger he do have a problem he feel like no one can correct him at all and deitrick haddon think he is better then all of the others pastors and seem self-righteous to me and want to correct them but not the other way around i do not have a problem with bishop mcclendon ministry deitrick haddon was so disrespectful to bishop mcclendon and bishop handle him self very well and bishop mcclendon carries himself very well and thats what i love about him and to me he is cute as well.

  15. Charity Dell,as Les said-YOU NAILED IT!!! THANK YOU! This show has about as much use for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ as preaching from a Qur’an;as long as I’ve been a student of Scripture,Church history,and theology,it would be hard to find any purpose or redeeming feature in a program like this.One thing is certain: this caricature of a pseudo-“gospel”certainly wouldn’t in all those places in the world where it is literally death to preach Christ or live Him,where true servants of God consider themselves blessed to own a Bible and a bicycle,places where the precious saints of God bless those who drive them from their homes,torture their bodies,and murder their children simply because they’re Christians!! These world-loving hirelings are impressive to no one but themselves and their undiscering,spiritually-dead,covetous flocks,those who embrace ease,comfort,and a bizarre,uniquely Americanized”gospel”in which”Me,Myself,and I”is the human-catering”god”remade in our image is the default deity we really serve-WAKE UP,CHURCH!! It’s no accident why the church is fast losing its relevane in the culture at-large;all you have to offer it is a pseudo-“sanctified”false idol!!

    • Thanks, Bro. Laurence, for the feedback! You brought up a good point about the persecution of Christians worldwide–especially in the 10/40 window on this planet! And in those very countries, the HOLY GHOST is being poured out and MILLIONS of people are coming to a living faith in JESUS/YESHUA/YESUA! And NO, our persecuted brothers and sisters don’t have time to squander in these ridiculous “ratings wars” that are driven by the secular media markets–and neither do we! All these “reality shows” are a passing fad, that cannot endure the test of time–people quickly get bored with a topic and go on to something else. The SADDEST thing about the whole sorry spectacle is how ANY form of biblical faith is held up to ridicule–look at all those horrible “Breaking Amish” shows that feature innocent young people being quickly led down the path of sin by secular youthful sinners who are oh-so-ready to help both males and females lose their virginity; lose their brain cells to alcohol and drugs; lose their intellects in worthless, meaningless lifestyles that don’t lead to COLLEGE EDUCATION or CAREERS; lose their innate sense of danger as they hang out with the ‘young-and-criminal” crowd; lose their sense of community to trade it for a pseudo-conglomeration
      of misfits, miscreants and melancholic manic-depressives hell-bent on total life destruction.
      Are there no Christian communities where an Amish youth could go to explore themselves
      and another GODLY lifestyle other than the agrarian, insular church culture they have left?
      These shows reveal the CYNICAL, jaded, sickening little prurient world of the “producers”,
      who have turned the camera into an instrument of soft pornography, served up and peddled to us as a form of weekly “soap opera” that we can waste our time watching.

  16. Haddon has a problem with being too passionate. Maybe it’s because he’s still relatively young and learning how to be more controlled. However, his over-reactiveness appears to be based on having been hurt in the past. He was just as dramatically loud with Bishop Ron Gibson in the latest show. However, unlike Bishop McClendon, Gibson and his very gracious wife, kept talking until the younger Haddock calmed down, listened, and submitted (graciously), to their requests to mentor him. His fiance seems to have her head on straight also, she balances him and helps him come back down when he goes from 0-to-10 in one sec. God most definitely is not finished with him yet; but he is just as anointed as McClendon.

    McClendon appears to be arrogant, but I don’t know him and have never watched him on TV, so I don’t know. I HAVE seen and heard: Haddock (who’s wonderful in praise, worship, and song-& a magnet for the young); Bishop Gibson-who admits he still has work on his marriage to do, but apparently loves his wife dearly; and Bishop Noel Jones ( I was surprised to hear he was Grace Jones’ brother)-and he’s had a “girlfriend” for 15 years …hmmmm. I intend to continue watching.

  17. McClendon and the other pastors have been taught to manipulate,and to deceive. The old saying u are what u eat is true. They have been taught to deceive there member for money at any cost. They all act like car salesman. Do what it takes to get paid. I believe they all have an anointing on their lives,but they choose to use it for evil. Deception is the work of satan not of God.

  18. Shalom Rosa Moore-Jordan thanks for your encouragement you are blessing and I believe God is going to use you to touch many lives so do not give up
    May God bless you

    • Bishop McClendon is an anointed man of inspite of his faults what we need to realise God loves all His children inspite of their faults we have to learn to dissern between a cult and true faith

      • Hello again, Joan:

        You are absolutely correct. I agree with you wholeheartedly. However, it is a good thing to bear witness to things that you have personally experienced and also know of others who do not even know each other, and have been blessed with the same experiences.

        There are many things I could share concerning this. Permit me to share just one. It is someone else’s testimony, but I have no reason to believe this person told a lie, based on my similar experience.

        One of my colleagues shared with me about a convention she attended. She and a friend stood in the hallway as Bishop McCllendon passed by. The friend was experiencing excruciating shoulder pain. As the bishop passed by, he looked straight ahead as though he did not see them. By the time he reached the exit, he turned around came back and took authority of the pain in the shouoder in the name of Jesus, and the pain left. Prior to that, no one knew of the pain, except the person who was experiencing the pain.

        Now, my testimony is quiet lengthy, and I do not choose to share it here.
        When it comes to the other pastors involved in this. I have no testimony because neither have I been acquainted with their ministries nor do I know of anyone who has.

        In closing, I believe it is a wise person who will seek to understand why people say the things they do as opposed to being judgemental about them. It is the writer of proverbs who admonishes us to see wisdom, seek knowledge and in all our getting, get understanding.

        Please know, I did not speak on behalf of Bishop McClendon for any other reason than my acquaintance with the anointing that I personally know is on His life.

        Blessings to you, and nice chatting with you again.
        Kindest Regards,

        • I listen and watch Bishop McClendon on TV and he has a sound doctrine and he also has large congregation so if I may ask what are they still doing with him. I know people who don’t have Pastor nor a church they say Pastors just want their money thus missing a cover what I feel about this program God is going to use it to reach the rich and the youth just my feelings

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  20. Rosa ? Don’t drink the Kool Aid

  21. I’ve really enjoyed the comments in this topic. I like that we’re strangers and from unknown parts of the world but many of us share a common love: Jesus.we may not agree on doctrines or some practices, but we love Jesus. That’s a binding love that should call us to fellowship and peace.

    I’ve focused on the comments about bishop McClendon. Truthfully, of all the preachers on the show, I least liked him. His comments during the conversation about pay were disturbing to me. Yet, I don’t know his relationship with God. I don’t know the plans God has for his life. I don’t know where the bishop is on his walk with Christ or where the bishop is on this journey called life. My personal reaction is the thought of a scripture where Christ warns us that many would come is His name who He did not call. My PERSONAL opinion is that demonstration on miracles is not indicative of Christ’s presence. A bible scholar may be able to point me to scripture in the New Testament where someone was performing wonders and that person was an agent of the devil.

    • Ms. Esther, you too are also entitled to your opinion. Personally, I would never try to categorize anyone based on a TV experience. In my opinion I believe anyone who would do that is somewhat stupid. As much as I do no like the word “stupid”, so I will substitute the term and say “dumb”. You are absolute right about demonstration of miracles, they alone are not indicative of Christ’s presence. Actually, I fail to see where anyone here has implied that.

      I can readily see, but fail to understand why my comment has struck such a cord..
      you least liked Bishop McClendon, well that is between you and God. What a blessing that is.

      • Your so-called anointed Pastor is a pompous, pretentious, superficial somethingorother- he and his entire family. I know you are enamored with this man, and it’s more than spiritual too. Pray for deliverance from that monkey you got for a married man sistah! You’re not fooling any one. Normal people might answer one or two comments, but you have systematically answered each and every comment made towards the Oreo. You’re sick, not so-called saved.

        • Esther, you are running your mouth too much. Watch it. God knows the path I take, and it is not my intention to deceive anyone. I speak the things I have experienced, and stand by that. Now, I am not saying that people do not fall. Just as king Saul fell in the scriptures, and king David only said “The mighty has fallen”. Then, I take that position with Bishop McClendon, beccause I know him t to be anointed man of God at one time, and I stand by that.

          Trust me, by attacking me as you have unjustly, you have definitely attacked the wron person for no reason at all. Get your heart right, or it is soon going to cost you something.

          I refuse to attack you, simply believe the scriptures as Christ proclaims, “Vengence is mine, I will repay”. I believe every word. And please for your sake take your mouth off people when you don’t really know what you are talking about. God is watching.

          Wishing you wisdion, knowledge, and a sincere heart for God,
          Rosa Moore-Uordaan, M.A. Rel. (honors)

        • “Glotcha” Somehow, it is very necessary for me to make one final comment to you. First of all, I have no idea what you speak of when you make a comment concernining a “monkey you got for a married man”. I happen to be a military widow whose husband gave the military 30yrs. of his life and passed away as the result of a service connected injury. In addition to other honors God has so generously blessed me with, I hold honory recognition from the United States Air Force for the spousal support God blessed me to give to my husband during his career. This too, can be verified. Also you made reference to my consistency, I consider that to be a compliment because there are so many “wispy-waspy” people in the world today.

          Please know that I am not insulted by your reference to “normal people” because I am convinced by your comments that you fail to even understand what it means to be “normal”. Clean up your house, and permit God to wash your tongue while you yet have opportunity.
          Remember, you use the title “Gotcha” what goes around comes around, and now it is your term to be “Gotten”. For real, and trust me, this is no joke.

          • *YAWN* Spare me your antics lady. I could care less about your supposed background, and your threats. Save all of that bull, you don’t scare me. All I know is what you’ve shown here on this board, and you’re one sick puppy. This man is an adulterer… how in the hell can he marry a woman SEVEN DAYS after his divorce was finalized? He had to be sleeping with her the entire time. God does NOT tell you, while you are married to one woman, that another woman is really who you are supposed to be married to. This bulldog is a LUSTING, ADULTERATING, FALSE PROPHET!

            He’s a caricature of what he thinks he looks like. He is a seriously deluded, insecure man with ego and self-esteem issues. Look at him- he has fried, and laid to the side his negro hair, for some Slick Rick, Morris Day, jheri curl gay boy look; because he is embarrassed of his true ethnicity. He wants people to believe he is latino, but one look at his father, and how he looked as a teen tells it all. Why would I want to follow a pretender, a poser, a shallow, hollow shell of a man? Girl, get-cho-life please! You sound real stupid right about now.

            Back in the day he had a black boy afro. He is FAKE through and through, as is his ministry. God can use even a damned mule, so you claiming he has miracles in his ministry is MOOT! Who names GODS ministry after themselves? The Clarence E McClendon Ministries (CEMM). *smdh*

            Lady, take your own advice. I don’t have to repent for anything. McClendon is a joke, and so is anyone following him. Goodbye and good riddance. Don’t worry about my mouth- be worried that you are spiritually dull and cannot discern a false prophet who steals money under the guise of tithes to support his lavish lifestyle. The Levitical Priesthood is no longer needed, so why are preachers still collecting tithes?

            I’m done with you Rosa. I don’t give a damn what you have to say, and I won’t be back. People like you are the reason why these dogs continue to deceive the masses. They have sick cheerleaders doing splits for them on forums. Ewww- yuck. People like you are disgusting.

            P.S. All anyone has to do is google “Bishop” Clarence McClendon, and he will tell on himself. Leave the so-called Christian Churches while you have the chance!

  22. …on a side note: could some share what the Word teaches about meds to reduce paranoia and inclinations to insult those who share a different opinion?

    • Don’t even waste your time with this one. She’s got it baaad for Mcclendon. I feel that spirit of lust waay ova here.

      • Gotcha, shame on you!!! I cannot believe you wrote the things you have accused me of. For the sake of your own salvation, please repent. You are inviting something to come upon you that you are n ot going to be able to handle. My son is the same age as Bishop McClendon. If you really read my comments you will see that I referred to anointing rather than a man.

        I sincerely urge you to repent not for me but for yourself.

        • Are you SERIOUS with this bull? You are the only one who will receive the gift of impending doom. YOU won;t be able to handle what’s coming to YOU. LMAO! Now I KNOW you are a damned fool. According to your thoughts, shall you receive the greater damnation. You can’t PUT nothing on me lady, what a joke! I KNOW who I AM, do YOU? Right back to you, 100 fold.

      • i really love and like bishop clarence mcclendon ministry as well and he is very anointed and good looking as well i have you back ROSA.

  23. Wow. That that old man wants to continue picking with this crazy woman. The new man knows to let it rest……and check my tongue.


  24. Hold your peace. This is too much hatred remember God is God of Love, He is slow to anger quick to forgive. Above all do not treat God as if He is blind He can see who is fake and who is not that goes for this men of God. Remember what Jesus had to go through with the disciple but was patient with them. As for tithing is a must for every Christian that is, 10% of your income belongs to God. A one NOT tithing is stealing from God and remember no sowing no reaping that is The Kingdom Principle

    • Joan, I have no hatred in my heart and have harmed no one. If you would read all my comments, you will see that I was viciously attacked for simply sharing a testimony. Every word I have said is true, and I continue to stand by them. Believe me, I do have a fear of God, and I try to respond to His creation as I believe He would have me to do. You are so right, God is slow to anger, and quick to forgive. The devil is trying to kill all of us, and there is no need for us to help him. Yet, the word of God is true, he watches over his word to perform it, and that goes for all of us. Also, no one can curse what God has blessed. I would not be foolish enough to try. Even so when we violate God’s word, and make no attempt to correct our wrong, the word of God still stands, and it does just what He said it would.

      Blessinngs to you and yours..
      Rosa Moore-Jordan, M.A. Rel (honors)

      • Rosa thanks for your comments but to clarify myself this is ment for all of us on Urban Faith let us correct in love

        • You are welcome and I submit to your instructions as well. If I have mis-used, or viciously attacked anyone here, I apologize. God has taught me the principles of being successful in life and that comes by honoring and obeying Him. Nothing on earth is worh me loosing that. As you said, He sees.

          Therefore, I have nothing short of love for those who have commented here whether it was blasting me because I shared a testimony or not, because we are all created by the same creator.

  25. After carefully watching these preachers I did not care about their cars, their big houses, their riches but I was watching to see are these preachers saved and so far the only preacher I have seen praying the sinners prayer with unbelievers is Bishop McClendon the rest seem to be coming from religious denominations they are not born again but im steam doing my research

    • Joan, the truth will reveal itself, and God is too wise to leave His people ignorant. Hope things are going well for you and good to see you, again.

      Whatever happens I stand by my testimony because it is true, and I am not trying to persuade, just sharing what happened. For that, I am most grateful. Blessings.

  26. These men have been exposed for the frauds that they are. Anyone that chooses to be deceived has no excuse. They are clouds without water. Reprobates concerning the faith. They will be judged harshly.

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  28. Recently I was watching Bishop McClendon on TBN and he was interviewing ministers who understand healing and deliverence ministries I personally was so surprised because it is very rare to come across such men of God I mean Bishop McClendon knows what the kingdom of God is about

  29. The other pastor I have watched on Christian channel is Pastor Jay Haizlip who gave a moving testimony of how he got saved after being bound with drug addiction so he also has a testimony above all he is a kind and compassionate man of God

  30. D.Haddon is more mature the wife is doing avoid job