Video: Bring Back Our Girls

A video featuring some of the Nigerian schoolgirls and the voice of the father of one of the abducted is the latest tool to increase awareness about the 234 missing.

It is two weeks going on three that over 200 girls were kidnapped from their school in the Nigerian village of Chibok. They were taken by Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram, and their whereabouts are unknown but there is strong suspicion that some or all of them were sold into marriage/sex slavery to Boko Haram militants. Coverage of this situation is increasing among mainstream media outlets but it is smaller media outlets, independent organizations, and people who have really stepped up to increase awareness starting campaigns such as the #bringbackourgirls movement that is taking place on Twitter and trending on Facebook. There is currently a Bring Back Our Girls group on Facebook which is gaining traction and is a source for updates as well as for information on upcoming marches–one scheduled for New York tomorrow–conference calls, petitions, and prayer calls. Recently Bring Back Our Girls posted a video that features pictures of some of the schoolgirls–it is unknown whether they are the ones who were kidnapped–and the voice of the father of one of the kidnapped girls. It is certainly heart wrenching but hopefully it will also help more people to mobilize around this situation. Please watch, pray and spread the word.

  1. bring back our girls this is not right what you people are doing to the little girls there only teenagers so what if they are learning about what going on and about there culture. They just learning the things in life but doesn’t someone isn’t whatching because he is up there so please bring back these wonderful little girls they don’t deserve to spend thier lives like this.

  2. bring back our girls they don’t deserve to spend thier live like this the just little girls these girls just want learn about thier culture you have no right to do this to them or to sell their body’s to have s word with grown men and you cant make them slaves we will get these girls because we care so much about them but you dont relize what your doing is wrong. Also you know who else is whatching it him up there.