The Brazen, Beautiful Humanity of Malala Yousafzai


The Pakistani teen activist was ambushed and nearly killed by Taliban terrorists because of her stand for education and civil rights for girls and women. Her courage has inspired a new movement for justice. Read more

Thanksgiving: What’s It All About?


As Christians, we’re encouraged to use Thanksgiving to reflect on the blessings God has bestowed upon us. But where did the holiday come from? Here’s a quick list of Thanksgiving myths and facts. Read more

Tales from Freshman Year


Advice on surviving and thriving during your first year in high school — from students who have been there. Read more

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Real Girls in a Photoshopped World


A 14-year-old student’s protest against the unrealistic bodies of models in teen fashion magazines leads to a mini-revolution. But can it tamp down our culture’s obsession with idealized and overly sexual images in the media? Read more

Lecrae’s Balancing Act: Religion, Race, and Holy Hip-Hop


Lecrae may be the best rapper you’ve never heard of. His synthesis of hip-hop and Calvinism has fans saluting his talent. But some question the wisdom of mixing rap with a predominantly ‘white’ theology. Read more

Gabby Douglas Wins Gold, Gives Glory to God


Sixteen-year-old Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas says her faith helped her manage the pressures of competing on a world stage to win gold.. Read more

Born Out of Violence


Torn from the womb after his mother’s murder 16 years ago, Eli Evans knows that he’s alive for a reason. This is his story of forgiveness, faith, and destiny. Read more

African American Students: Your College Scholarship Is Waiting!


There’s a lot of free money out there for African American students in the form of academic scholarships, but it’s going unused because NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT. Check out our list of available scholarships and start applying now! Read more

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Mark Anthony Thomas: Do-Right Man


For poet and investigative reporter Mark Anthony Thomas, God is the guiding force in his mission to help people make their urban communities better. Read more

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Where All the Christian Emcees At?


Theory Hazit tells us the inspiration behind his new album, why he’s tired of being called a ‘Christian’ rapper, and why emcees are being left out of the Gospel scene. Read more