By: Tierra Durham

     No! I do not think that it is good to have guns in the house. Its bad for many different reasons. Also, it's really not safe. One reason guns should not be allowed in the house is because many children find them and end up hurting or killing themselves or others. Another reason that guns should not be allowed is because God will protect you and if you believe that he will then you won't need a gun. Lastly a gang member might get ahold of it and that's how a lot of people are dying today.    

     More and more, young people finding guns and using them to hurt themselves or others. Personally, I have heard over five of these accidents where a child found a gun that was left in the house over the past month. This has really become a dangerous problem and it is something that cannot be ignored.

     Another reason that I feel the way I do about guns in the house is because if you have God in your life, then you won't need guns. If you have God and the angels of protection around you then you won't need guns or any other weapon for that matter. Being a Christian and knowing that God is watching over you will give you confidence and you won't need for a weapon. He is all you need for and that is enough to help you through life.      

     The last reason that I think guns should not be used in households is because they are getting into the wrong hands, such as gang members. Many shooting deaths now are because of gangs. I know of many people that were killed by gang members. This has been going on for a while now. The statistics go up every year. I'm not sure about your neighborhood, but this happens to close to my house. I sometimes feel unsafe in my neighborhood because of this. This really needs to be taken care of soon.      

      Some people feel that it is good to have guns in the common households for protection like, if someone tries to break into your home or something. I disagree because the lives of innocent children are being taken more than the lives of bad people who do bad things. Some even say that guns are good for elderly people. I think that many older people have grand or great-grand children that can still get a hold of the weapon. I don't think that any household should have guns at all. This will prevent untimely and unnecessary deaths.

      A gun is a very dangerous weapon and can cause a lot of bad things to happen. A lot of these things you can never take back. To prevent this, gun possession should be illegal. The only people that should have guns are policemen and people in different countries fighting in a war for us. There are to many bad things happening from this and I think that powerful people should meet up and try to solve this growing problem to the best of their ability. There are so many ways to solve this problem but I don't think people are trying hard enough. They are focused on so many other problems that they don't think about this much, even though it involves children. While they are thinking of a solution, we must pray for our neighborhoods, our homes, and the safety of the children.     


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King James, Lebron James

the future of the NBA Hall of Fame, (fans might say).

Showing a worshiping attitude unto his accolades.

So Lebron takes this to the ego and begins to call himself a king.

Is he really?

Well, it's OK if you might think so,

but my King, King Jesus, reigns far supreme on King James.

King Jesus is who I worship and no other king.

For as long as I live, King Jesus will forever be the One I can look too and give praise.

Jesus paid the ultimate cost for us.

Dying on the Cross for our sins, and for that we owe our everything to Him.

King Jesus even humbled Himself to come down on earth and live as a servant to be obedient to His father's commands.

With that humble attitude I believe we all need to be likeminded with the same mind as the King.

The real King: King Jesus.

Now who will you worship?

The choice is yours, but I encourage you to make that leap toward salvation and worship the King of kings!

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The Real Me

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by:Crystal Higgins

Black girl. African American.


I've heard it before.


Oreo. White girl.

That's who people think I am.


But do you really know me?


Have you ever been told you're too white or not black enough?

What a bout a "friend" saying, "if I burned your skin would you look like me?"

Well that was when we were little...


And sure she didn't know better,


But it still hurt


And why do half of my white friends act like I might beat them up>

It's like if I give them a don't mess with me look as a joke, they're like, "oh my gosh, don't hit me!"


Are you kidding?


If you really knew me then you'd know that I had never fought anyone in my life


I don't plan on it either.


Anyone who's black has been through some sort of racism.

That's just part of growing up.

And, unfortunately, that's what other races think thanks to the media, or other

black people they may know.


But why?


All black people are NOT the same!


But we constantly get put into these annoying categories.


I was born and raised in the suburbs..

I go to school with a multitude of races.

I have all races of friends


So why am I the "white girl?"


I'm so tired of trying to explain myself as to why I have friends that don't look like me


And what about family members?

Have they ever mocked you for the way you spoke?


Like pronunciation and being articulate is a bad thing?


Sometimes it's hard going to places where you're the only black face in the crowd.

People start staring, looking at you like you don't belong.


I'm not trying to complain, I'm just letting you know.

That these are some of the things that I and many other black people are going through.


So open your eyes


And next time you meet a black person, try to get to know them before you put them into a stereotype.


And really, truly, get to know them.


Because you never know...

You must might like us


For who we are.

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